Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Finally Here!!! SATC!!!

Guess what tonight is??
I’m going to see the movie tonight with Stephanie and Cheryl!!

It’s going to be so exciting to see Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda light up the big screen – and of course who wouldn’t want to see Smith and Mr. Big?!?! I think every fan has been waiting for this day since Mr. Big came and swept Carrie off her feet in Paris!

Every girl always wonders which character they are; I think I am a mix between Charlotte and Carrie… My favorite quotes from the show come from these two characters:

Favorite line by Charlotte: (after a night of heavy drinking) I have been dating since I was fifteen! I’m exhausted! Where is he?

Favorite line by Carrie: Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they're supposed to run wild until they find someone -- just as wild -- to run with them.

YAY for Sex and the City Movie!!!

Another Poop Story...

I am very considerate when it comes to picking up after Vito goes #2... However, the girl that lives in the garage apartment behind us, does not show the same consideration. She has a much larger dog and just leaves his ‘logs’ wherever he goes… even if it is on the concrete sometimes! SO gross! I never liked that she did it, but it wasn’t a main concern of mine… until I got a frantic VM from one of my friends.

Apparently after boot camp, Jennifer was unfortunate enough to step in the concrete mess – SO DISGUSTING. When she got in her car, she started to smell this awful stench… she looked around only to discover the odor was coming from the bottom of her shoe! EW EW EW!! Poor thing – after being super tired from boot camp kicking our butts, she has to go home and oxy clean her floor mat! And pick at her shoe with twigs trying to get in all the grooves…

honestly, what would you do?? Would you say something to the person living behind us – asking her to pick up her dogs poop? I mean if I pick up Vito’s ‘twigs’ then why cant she pick up her dogs ‘logs’??

Boot Camp Update - Week 2

Tuesday was so much better! Probably because there was a storm about to roll through so it wasn’t nearly as hot as it has been! I did not get lightheaded or vomit this time!! In fact, the trainer told me I was the strongest one!!! How cool is that?? So this time he brought me a different (and harder) resistance band to do my leg exercises with, and I was stuck with the larger weights with we did the arm workout… so my arms feel like they are about to fall off right now, but my legs don’t really feel that sore… And thanks to Ariana – I ate a protein bar before I went, so that could have been my source for more energy as well. I hope Thursday goes this well!
I think Thursday was the hardest workout yet... The trainers worked on abs - OUCH! I really think that protein bar has helped me a lot though... I was able to do all of the workout again, but while we were doing the stretching I started to feel sick again... but at least it was just stretching left - So I am in a TON of pain today because I think I did more push-ups in that work out then I have in my entire life - I better see some results after this is all over with!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13Things I’m doing (or did)this Week

1 - Going to work at my new job
2 - Cooking dinner – (thanks for the YUMMY Tilapia Recipe Tamara!!)
3 - Bikini Boot Camp (twice)
4 - TONS of laundry
6 - Going to HH with my friends that are moving soon (so sad…)
7 - Spring cleaned my bathroom!
8 - Getting my first paycheck from my new job!
9 - Going to Justin’s Grad Party
10 - Was asked to be in my friend Brittney’s wedding!!
11 - Going to kiss all over my baby niece Friday!!
12 - Introduced Ariana to X-Men – and she really liked it!!!
13 – Create a bet with Brian similar to the one Stephanie has with Tim

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How Hard Do You Push??

I will make this anonymous so that I don’t embarrass my friend…. But this was too hilarious not to post! Because Memorial Day was so beautiful, a lot of people were enjoying to sun, swimming, laying out, BBQing, etc…

This friend (that shall not be named), got a really bad sunburn on her shoulders. I was talking to her on Tuesday when she says ‘I am so sunburned it hurts to poop!’

‘What? How hard do you have to push to make your shoulders hurt??’

I have never heard anyone describe a sunburn like this before… thought I would share :)

Wordless Wednesdays

Vito & Brinks
Look at the size difference in these two!! and they are best friends!!
And you would think that Brinks would take the bone away from Vito...
but Vito is the boss!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday!!

Muggle Mondays

According to, the wandmaker, Ollivander might be returning for the final Harry Potter Movie – which we have learned will be cut into two installments. When asked about more involvement with the HP Series by The Sun, John Hurt (Ollivander), responded with “I didn’t spend a lot of time on the Harry Potter film but I might be spending more time there next time,” he smiled. “We’ll see.”

He does play a part in the book Deathly Hallows – I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

The Leaky Cauldron reported that Emma Watson has updated her official website telling us that the filming for the sixth movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, was finished on Saturday, May 17!! She will be posting any official photos and trailers as soon as WB releases them!!!

They are supposed to be released November 21, 2008, but so far I have not had any luck in finding them :( But I will definitely keep you updated on that!!

178 Days until the Release of HPB!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Boot Camp Update - Week 1

We just finished the first week of boot camp… at this moment I am wondering why in the world I let Jennifer talk me into joining it… but I am at least getting my money’s worth! I have never worked out this hard in my entire life! My whole body is aching today!!

The first day I started seeing spots and the green grass looked yellow to me… apparently I was dehydrated and had to sit for a second. The trainer grabbed my wrist and waited until my pulse went down to 120…

The second time I made sure I drank lots of water during the day… and YAY – I didn’t get lightheaded or anything… but I did work so hard that I vomited… a lot… I think some of that was caused by my acid reflux…

So my lessons learned:
1. Make sure I drink lots of water and
2. Take my acid reflux medicine before I work out!

Hopefully next week will go more smoothly… although our trainer did say that it gets harder and harder each time, so who knows!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


When I got home from my first day at the new job look what I had waiting for me from Brian! What a sweetheart!!! :) Thanks for putting a great big smile on my face baby!

Tunnels - Love them!

Wow - I discovered something VERY exciting today! I was running a little early for work this morning (about 15 min early) so I thought what a wonderful time to try out the tunnels!! I have seen everyone go down there from the garage, but I was too scared I would get lost... this is me we are talking about... but I made it!! and it is going to save me a good 3 minutes in the morning (not to mention saving my hair from Houston's nasty humidity and getting soaked when it rains)!!! I am so proud of myself!!

But to be perfectly honest... I did get a little lost... I went the wrong direction when I first got into the tunnels... then I asked for directions (ha- see boys! it works!) and I was pointed in the right direction and was amazed at how nice the tunnels are!!

I am VERY proud of myself for making this little adventure all by myself!! aww, I'm growing up!! :) Still dont know if I am comforable enough to try it for lunch.... I think one big adventure a day is good enough...

(Picture is my building! the TALLEST building in Houston! I'm on one of the highest floors! SOOOO High!!!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesdays

Sunglasses Time!!
(Of course I had to buy her 100% UV Protection Sunglasses!!! Have to take care of those precious eyes!!)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Muggle Monday's

New Pic from HPB!!!
I saw this picture on MuggleNet - they believe it is from HBP because it is the same clothes he is wearing in another picture released from the movie! This is just going to get better and better until the movie comes!! I cant WAIT!!!
No Trailer in Prince Caspian
Also reported on MuggleNet - there will not be a teaser trailer of Half-Blood Prince in the beginning of the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Thats a bummer :(
JKR Children's Choice 'Author of the Year'
The voting is in... and by over 55,000 children - they voted J K Rowling as the "Author of the Year"!!! Although not only children read her novels (hints myself) what a GREAT honor!!
Deathly Hallows filming to begin later this year
MuggleNet reported that Deathly Hallows filming will commence later this year in the Scottish Highlands of Lochaber. That sounds GREAT to me! The quicker they film it, the quicker they edit it, and the quicker it is released to all of us anxious muggles!!
(Picture of Lochaber)

Emma Watson is #94 to Maxim!
Guess who made #94 on Maxim Magazine’s top 100 hottest women of 2008??
Emma Watson!!! (click here for the link!)
185 Days until the release of HPB!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bikini Boot Camp!

Yep - you read the name right! Bikini Season Has Begun!! To get me in proper shape for the beach and pool this summer, I am starting Bikini Boot Camp on Tuesday! So what is my goal?? Just look below...
Pah! Like that is possible! :)
My new job is going to wonder what is wrong with me because I start on Wednesday (the very next day), and from the email the trainer sent out, I know I will be walking funny!! Its a 4 week course, 2 times a week, for an hour each session. I have never done this before, but I need something to kick me into high gear, and if boot camp cant do it, then what else will?? YAY for Bikini Boot Camp!!!
And to answer the question that most boys keep asking...NO we do not wear bikini's while we work out!! geez boys... haha :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I am still staying at Stephanie and Tim's place, so I dedicated my Thursday Thirteen about that!

13 Reasons I enjoy staying at Stephanie and Tim's

  1. Spending time with Karys everyday!
  2. Dinner is cooked for me every night
  3. Watching Sex and the City every night with Stephanie
  4. I get to wear Stephanie’s jewelry everyday!
  5. Heart to heart talks with my sister again!
  6. Vito has Brinks to play with
  7. Weight training with my sister
  8. Little notes from Karys on the bathtub
  9. Drinking wine with my sister
  10. Kissing Karys goodnight every night
  11. Laying out by the pool (on weekends only because we get there too late after work)
  12. Discussing the latest Hollywood gossip with Steph
  13. Spending time with family is the best!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Alias

I was so excited when I got my new phone – the new LG enV… but turns out, I hated it. it had horrible reception, if I placed it on my shoulder to talk, I would hang up on people, and I could only use the outside screen to text – needless to say, I wanted to old phone back so bad!

Thank goodness Verizon is NOTHING like Sprint! They actually let you try a new phone for 30 days and you can switch it for a different one if you don’t like it! so that’s what I did! I now have my Alias back – only in a different color than before – it’s the only color the upgraded Alias is in. But I am SO happy to have my old phone back! YAY!! The Alias is the cool phone that can open both ways! (pics below)

Monday, May 12, 2008

This is where I get it from!!

Some stories from this weekend... they get more entertaining as you continue to read :) I love my family....

Setting: In the hot tub (pool was really cold)

Mom: (frantic) Where are my sunglasses?!?!

Tim: Mrs. Lundy, they’re on your head…

Mom: oh…

(Time to take Mom’s drink away…)

Setting: In the hot tub (again)

Stephanie: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! OUCH!!!!!!

Tim: Stephanie you can’t pull on the pampas grass like that, it will cut you.

Stephanie: Oh my gosh! This is really bad! Look how long the cut it is… Mom, do you think I need stitches??

(Mom and I look at each other and bust out laughing)

Stephanie: this is not funny, this is serious!

(still laughing)

Later that night, Stephanie still tries to justify why she needs stitches… honestly, her ‘deathly cut’ looked like a long paper cut…

Funny #3
Setting: Driving to my house (in Montrose) with my little sister.

Ashley: The streets here are so different here, I don’t like it

Rachel: yeah, you’re not in the suburbs anymore, you’re in the city, its not all cookie-cutter.

Ashley: what city are we in?

(Pausing at my disbelief)

Rachel: Houston…

Ashley: so I live in the suburbs?

(Pausing again at what I am hearing – thinking to myself ‘is she serious?’)

Rachel: yes…

Ashley: but Katy is a city

Rachel: yes, it is a city, but it’s a suburb of Houston. Just like Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Tomball…

Ashley: oh… really?

(I give up)

Muggle Monday's

NY TIMES BEST SELLER LISTFor almost 10 years now, the New York Times Bestseller list has had a POTTER book on it, resulting in the NYT creating 2 new lists so that other titles could make the list other than J K Rowling's stories.
The Book Review made the decision to start a separate children’s best-seller list. Most publishers and booksellers welcomed the change, because the Potter phenomenon was keeping new titles off the fiction list. Some observers, though, felt Rowling was unfairly evicted — after all, they pointed out, adults read her books too.
The children’s list was not the only change Rowling brought to the Times best sellers. In 2004, with Potter titles now clogging the children’s list, the Book Review introduced yet another list — this one, for children’s “series” books, ignored the sales of individual titles and instead tracked each series as a whole. Rowling’s books were deposited there. The best-seller list may now be Rowling­-free, but her books are sure to appear again on the list — almost certainly in November, when the sixth Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” arrives in theaters.

Thanks to mugglenet- A TV spot from Order of the Phoenix has won "Best Animation/Family TV Spot" at the 2008 Golden Trailer Awards, which were held yesterday in Los Angeles. The spot, titled "Great Wizards", can be viewed here in QuickTime format.

Hogsmeade Village is starting to appear!!! (pics from MuggleNet)

192 Days until HBP Movie!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

2 Glasses of Wine and A Dog in the Pool…

Last night, my sister and I continued our ‘Pink Bible’ series of Sex and the City – and how every girl knows, you cant watch Sex and the City without having a glass of wine!! So Stephanie and I were both on our 2nd glass when Vito needed to go potty. Vito is tiny and can fit through her rod-iron fence, so we went outside to make sure he didn’t get out. While my back was turned I hear PLUNK and “Rachel! Rachel!!’ I turn around to see my little Vito swimming franticly around the hot tub and my sister standing on the ledge (wine in hand) starring down at him as if she couldn’t grab him! Haha – I run over and take him out and we die laughing… poor little Vito… he has not had an easy week for the poor guy…

(the 'Pink Bible')

Thursday, May 8, 2008

TAGGED (again)

So here are the rules:
1.)Write your own six word memoir.
2.)Post it on your blog; include a visual illustration if you'd like.
3.)Link to the person that tagged you in your post, and to the original post if possible.
4.)Tag at least five more blogs with links.
5.)Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play!

My 6 Words:

1. Personable
2. Bubbly
3. Passionate
4. Organized
5. Chatterbox
6. Complicated

I tag:

Stephanie at A Little Bit of Sugar and a Whole lotta Spice

And anybody else that wants to play

Thursday Thirteen

I am staying with my sister and Karys right now while Tim is out of town... I can't believe all the things Karys knows now... she changes so fast!!! her little personality is coming out - and it is so adorable! So my Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to Karys
13 of my favorite things about my little niece Karys
1 – How her favorite thing to say right now is Ro-Ro!!!
2 – When she stomps her feet!!
3 – When she ‘turns, turns’
4 – When you ask her ‘How big is Karys,?’ she throws her hands up!!
5 – How she shakes her head just to make us laugh
6 – Her open mouth kisses!
7 - Her laugh (its contagious!)
8 - How she loves to be chased
9 – She is infatuated with Vito
10 – How she loves to eat!
11 – How much she loves to perform! (she is a little ham!!)
12 – How smart she is… pointing to and saying eye, hair, nose, and mouth…
13 – Her personality… she is so sweet and so funny!
She has me constatnly smiling when I am around her! She is perfect…

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Two Weeks Notice

I just gave my 2 week notice to my company on Monday. It is so bitter-sweet for me. Leaving Meridian is like closing a chapter in my life. I have worked here for 3 years now and I have made really great friends here. Although some of my best friends have already left, it is still like a little ‘home’ to me. I have the best boss possible, and I hate to leave her. Sherri has become such a great friend and confidant of mine; I am going to miss her terribly. But, I know that I will continue to keep in touch with her. I am really going to miss you guys! Especially Jennifer, Cheryl, Richard, Sherri, and Kenna!!!
(I just loved this movie!) I am really looking forward to starting a new job; however, it is very scary for me. I have never worked at a company where I didn’t know someone already. That is very nerve racking to me - I have to step out of my 'bubble.' Also, working downtown is just as much exciting as it is terrifying. I don’t know my way around the tunnels and we all know how I am with directions… I am sure I will eventually figure it out. The company is only 3.7 miles from my house! I am SO excited about that! I will be saving so much money in gas and tolls alone, plus they offered me a substantial raise. My first day at my new job is May 21st.

Wish me luck!!!

Vito Update

For Vito's Eye: Turns out Vito had a severe eye infection. I am putting drops in his eyes twice a day and his eye already seems SO much better!!! (pic before we went to the Vet) For Vito's Skin: Apparently my baby is HIGHLY allergic to fleas! The vet could not find any live fleas on him, therefore he doesn’t have them, but she said that if he gets 1-2 flea bites, his skin reacts terribly to them. Because I don’t have a yard, I walk him from yard to yard to go potty which is probably how he got bitten. The solution?? I am giving him a pill that’s part steroid and part anti-histamine to calm down his skin and I am starting him on this new medication once a month for flea and heartworm prevention. This little visit sure put a nice hole in my pocket, but Vito is worth every penny!!

And Thank You Ariana!! – who gave me a ‘sneaky’ way to give Vito his pills (because he hates them!). I wrap it up in Kraft Singles! He LOVES them! This morning was SO much easier than last night when I tried to give him the medicine! Thank goodness!!! So Thanks Ariana!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Vito Vet!

I am kinda worried about my little one right now. I am leaving a little early today because I am bringing Vito to the Vet. He has been scratching so bad that its causing his hair to fall out from it! I think it might be allergies and he just needs cortisone shot… and that could wait until tomorrow...
but this morning, his eye was swollen shut! He can’t open it at all! I put his ointment in it, but it didn’t seem to help him at all. I called the Vet to take him in tomorrow morning, but she said that an eye laceration can get worse very rapidly, so I figured it would be better safe than sorry. I hope my baby is ok and I am just overreacting… poor Vito… I will update my blog after I find out what’s wrong… my poor little sweetheart Vito!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Best Friend - My Sister

I was searching through some old papers last night, when I came across this poem my older sister, Stephanie, had written for me. I typed it word for word what she wrote about me :) It pretty witty and funny... although I think she could have changed the last sentence :) haha - ENJOY! and thanks Stephanie!!
My Best Friend – My Sister
Dated 9-9-2004

I have a little sister who’s kind of wacky,
She’s really cute though – not like tacky.
Sometimes it takes her a while to catch on,
Definitely making her the more ditzy one!
She forgets things rather quick,
And sometimes then she tends to make the wrong pick.
She’s quite a little ball of fire,
Give her a mall and she’s an expert buyer!
So even though her money fades faster,
Of fashion & clothes, she is a master!
She’s quick to shoot back,
At any & all who talk smack.
She’s mainly a whiskey kind of girl,
And can make most any boys head do a whirl.
So while an angel she is most certainly not,
Having a fun time is mainly what’s sought!
She thinks she should be an actress,
But she should save her passion for the mattress :)
For little Vito she’s the most doting mother,
And except for Stephanie, he’d want no other!
No matter what, she’s my best friend,
And that wont change no matter what life may send.
Cause I love my quirky little sister,
Even at those times that she seems like an annoying painful blister!
I love you!
-(heart)- Steph

Picture taken Easter 2008 of me and Steph :) I love you Stephanie!