Friday, September 18, 2009

Honest Scrap

I have been tagged twice now to do this post by Stephanie at Just the 2 of Us and Emily at M's Memorable Moments, so here it goes!

1 – I never enjoyed reading growing up. I started reading Harry Potter when the 5th movie came out, I became infatuated with the HP world, and now I LOVE reading!

2 – I was a little nervous to move out on my own at first, but now I don’t think I could ever live with another roommate – I love my space!

3 – My eyes are my best and worst feature – I was born with glaucoma in both eyes and had surgery twice in both eyes for it. Had cataract surgery about 3 years ago in my right eye… I am that 1% that it was unsuccessful on… I have an incurable disease in my right eye that causes it to water constantly (DO NOT ask me if I am crying!). But people tell me I have pretty eyes, and the doc’s say it’s a miracle that I can see, so I consider myself very blessed.

4 – Vito was not the kind of dog I was looking for. I wanted a fluffy, white, girl dog… but when I saw him, it was love at first sight!
I could not imagine having a different dog!!

5 – I cannot stand it if my Mom or Sister’s are mad at me… anyone else I can deal with, but it bugs me to death if I am in a fight with one of them…

6 – I do have regrets in my life. There are things I wish I would have done differently, or would have come to realize earlier.

7 – I LOVE this time of year! I love decorating for Fall, Halloween, Christmas, etc. I already have my fall decorations up – pictures to follow up soon :)

8 – Nothing means more to me then my family. Family is always there for you… I consider my best friend like a sister to me as well, so Kara also fits into that category.

9 – Strangers scare me. I do not like people I do not know coming up to me – maybe this is why I usually date someone that I have been introduced to by a mutual friend?? There are too many weirdo/freaks out there! I am usually very rude to a stranger that approaches me…

10 – I am double-jointed. I can pop my shoulder in and out of socket (most people think it’s gross-looking), I’m really flexible,
I can lick my elbow, etc

I tag anyone who wants to do this post (since most of my fellow bloggers have already been tagged) so have fun!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009


My sister and I decidedItalic to try and tackle another craft.... Sewing! I took Home Ec in Jr. High, but that was the extent of my sewing knowledge... We both purchased machines, sewing kits, fabric, and patterns and were good to go! My Mom came over (coffee in tow) to help us understand some of the basics.
At first, I did not enjoy it at all... I somehow managed to break my needle while trying to thread the machine (still don't know how I did this)

This is my first stitch! I was so proud :) Yes, I realize it is just a pink line... but I made it without breaking a needle!

This is the dress I made for Karys! I think it turned out pretty good for my first creation!

And it fits! This was what Vito was doing most of the time I was sewing... sleeping in the chair next to me... I love that little boy :) Now I am excited about sewing and wondering what I will make next! I have a lot of room to improve, but I'm getting the hang of it! Yay!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I finished all of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series and loved EVERY second of it! I HIGHLY recommend these novels! They are so good, that I would rather have a member of the Brotherhood rather than Edward! Now that says a lot!
(and if you have read them, I would take Rehv, Z, Butch or V - all over Edward!)
I switched gears completely to this Emily Giffin Novel. I read Something Borrowed and Something Blue, loved them both and heard mixed reviews about Love the One You're With. Personally, I enjoyed it and am glad I read it. If you liked the other two novels by Emily Giffin, I do not think this one will let you down.
And now I am back on a Vampire Series... I just cannot stay away from vampires! I love them! I started watching HBO's True Blood and was hooked! My sister read the series in which the TV show is based from, and knew I would enjoy them as well - I am only about 40 pages in, but I can already tell I am going to love this series too :)

Happy Reading Guys!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday's

Playing around with a new app on my iphone - So fun!!

Tu-Tu Before
Tu-Tu After

Towel BeforeTowel After