Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I just finished the Harry Potter Series last night (sniff sniff) - I am so sad they are over... so my Thursday Thirteen is the 13 Characters I am going to miss the most... (in order)

1 – Luna Lovegood
2 – Hermione Granger
3 – Harry Potter (duh!)
4 – Ron Weasley
5 – Ginny Weasley
6 – Sirius Black
7 – The Weasley Twins – Fred and George
8 – Albus Dumbledore
9 – Neville Longbottom
10 – Remus Lupin
11 – Nymphadora Tonks
12 – Rubeus Hagrid
13 – Serverus Snape

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesdays

Brian plaing on the big Piano (from the movie Big) in FAO Schwarz!!

Monday, January 28, 2008


I had a VERY busy weekend! I have officially moved!!! Tim and Brian moved everything out of storage Saturday, and then moved it into the house on Sunday. I went to Ikea (for my first time!) with Brian, Ariana, and Val and they helped me pick out an entire bedroom suite!! I love it!!!

Here is the bed frame... and the night stands (I got 2)...

Here is the Wardrobe (my fav piece!)...
The small dresser...
Thank goodness we had so much help on Saturday putting all the furniture together! Ariana, Val, Brian, Bean, Talya, and Sarah all helped building everything – I don’t know what I would done without you guys! Sunday, Ariana and I put up the curtains, Bean and I put together the bed, and Brooke unpacked all my dishes and washed them for me!! I never would have been able to get to everything without their help! My mom, Stephanie and Karys came over Sunday, but they couldn’t really tell what everything was going to look like because nothing was in its place yet! But Karys was adorable walking allllll over my non-baby proofed house! Haha :)

Well here is the finished product of my bedroom!!! It was taken with my cell phone camera, so its not the best quality, but I will post more soon from my camera!! YAY!!! I LOVE IT!!

It looks so much better in person! I am SO in love with my new stuff! I will have everything set up by the end of the week, but last night I was beat. Every muscle in my body aches right now from moving and putting the furniture together... Thanks again to everyone for helping me move!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

1/2 Way There!

Today I dropped my car off this morning to put a new top on it (why? click here) ... YAY! 1 down, 1 more to go! I still have to take it back to the auto shop yet again because they did not repair everything they said there were going AND that I already paid for! needless to say, I am very frustrated with them! I just dont understand why people can't do their jobs!! Its really not hard to fix a car when you have it for almost a week and the repair will only take a few days! errr... thats enough venting for today!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! I will be MOVING!! I'm super excited about that!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 things we did in NY!

1. Times Square - where our hotel was at - it looks just like it does on TV!

2. We walked around and ate in Little Italy! (sign says Merry Christmas, Welcome to Little Italy)
3. Went to FAO Schwarz - This is the store Brian really wanted to go to, but I think I enjoyed it just as much, if not more than he did! I LOVED this place! They even had a WHOLE section dedicated to Harry Potter!!!
and hung out with the cast from Harry Potter (actually they were made out of Legos!!!)
4. Central Park - I unfortunatly did not get to go ice skating in Central Park because SOMEONE (no names) didn't want to go :( but it was still cool to walk around here- its HUGE! We had a NY Hotdog in Central Park!
5. Serendipity!!! Frooooooozen Hot Chocolate - it was SO good!!!
and Brian pouted because I ate the last bite! (or bites - but who's counting??)

6. With Conan Tickets! and to my surprise, I LOVED Conan and was not at all impressed with Daved Letterman... Conan was so much more relaxed and just all around funny! We had a blast at his show! 7. Top of the Empire State Building! It was an amazing view... however, I would not recommend the Skyride unless you are bringing a small child because it was so cheesy and kinda a waste of time and money... but the top of the building was really neat- and VERY cold! but we got up early so we beat the long lines!!
The Chrysler Building from the Empire State Building

8. Rockefeller Center! Also pretty cool to walk around here - the building straight behind me is where the Conan Show was taped! I am standing right in front of the Ice Skating Rink... which I didnt get to go one (cough, cough)
9. Ground Zero - It was basically a huge construction site - there is a church nearby that we went to - it was more of a memorial set up. They are building the Freedom Tower where the Twin Towers used to stand, it is supposed to be taller than the Emipre State Building!
10. Century 21 - Heaven on Earth :) best place to shop!!! kinda overwhelming too! 11. Celebrated my cousin's Birthday12. Saw Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theater!!!!! This was SUCH an amazing show! Brian really liked it too - I think he was surprised! He def liked this better than the ballet!!! 13. Tiffany & Co.!!!! We walked by a ton of shops, but I had to take a pic at Tiffany's! Even in the rain!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesdays

(Brian with the Sorting Hat on at FAO Schwarz!!!)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Losing 3 and Gaining 1 Roomate!

I'm moving out THIS weekend!! I am moving in with one of my best friends, Ariana - and of course Vito is coming with me!! I cant wait! I will be in a house this time, so I am sure that I will like it WAY more then the cramped ol' apartment, and I know I'm gonna like having a roommate too! I'm going to miss going over to my sisters after work to visit my baby niece, Karys, but I am ready to move out. :) YAY! I cant believe its SO SOON!!!! so thats what I will be doing this weekend - Tim and Brian are both helping, and then I am hoping to go to Ikea and get some curtains, nightstands, and other misc. things I will need :) SO EXCITED!

Me and my new Roomie!!!

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, and Harry Potter!

Because I was sick, I was stuck in bed all day - so I had 2 choices... sleep or read... I probably did 50/50. I finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (book 5), and started Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6). And then on Sunday, I finished The Half-Blood Prince, and started Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - the VERY LAST Harry Potter Book!!!!
I am FREAKING out because all I want to do is read this book... I am only on Chapter 12, but it is SO good! I cried my eyes out at the end of Book 6, and I hear I have more of that coming in Book 7... I cant wait!!!

Fresh Start!

I have been pretty bad lately with my postings... but in my own defense, I did not feel well at all last week – I was lucky to have posted a Wordless Wednesday. I left work early on Wednesday, called in Thursday, and only made it about 1.5 hours Friday before I had to go home. Thursday I had a 102 fever when I went to the doctor – they said I had a sinus infection. Whatever it was, it knocked me out. BUT today is the start of me getting back on track with my blogs! I feel 100 times better and will continue to blog as I did BEFORE Christmas break!!! YAY!!! because I have lots to tell!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things Brian and I will be doing during our New York Trip!

1. Go to the Empire State Building
2. Go to the David Letterman Show
3. Go to the Conan O’Brien Show
4. Go to dinner with my cousin and then celebrate his birthday with him and his friends
5. Go to the Phantom of the Opera
6. Visit Ground Zero
7. Go on the Subways
8. Ice-skate in either Central Park or the Rockefeller Center
10. Go to FAO Schwartz
11. Go to Serendipity 3
12. LOTS of site seeing
13. Did I mention shopping?!?!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baby Bragging

Last night I had to stop over and see my little baby niece before I went out of town - she is just SO cute and I knew I wouldnt see her on Sunday... She loves her Aunt Rachel too, she likes it when I play with her on her kitchen set :) well last night, she KISSED me!!!! It was SO cute!!! I was sitting next to her, about to leave and Stephanie told her 'Kiss Kiss' and she opened her mouth around mine! she is just the cutest little girl!!! Even Stephanie and Tim were shocked because she usually only kisses Elmo... they just dont realize how much she loves her Aunt Rachel :)

And she sent ME her very first text message! She got a hold of Stephanie's cell phone (she LOVES cells phones for some reason) and she somehow managed to send me a text message! it said '.a' AWWW!!! I locked it on my cell phone so that I wouldnt accidently erase it - she is such a sweetheart!


Brian and I are officially leaving tonight for New York! Our plane leaves EARLY in the morning tomorrow, so he got a hotel close the airport so we wouldnt have to leave Katy at 4AM!! He's so thoughtful :)
I packed pretty much everything last night - I am shocked at how much room I have left in my suitcase... guess that just means I dont have to worry about shopping too much!! I cant WAIT!

I also dont want people to stop checking my blog while I am out of town... I have created my Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Thirteen already and my sister is kind enough to post them for me while I am away :) So keep checking!!! I will have tons to post about when I get back! YAY!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Car - AGAIN!

Not a wreck this time, but I went to get my top fixed because the back defroster had stopped working. I explained to the guy that when I am driving, it sounds like the back passenger side is open. After looking at it, he told me I will need a whole new top… so now I have to wait for a new one to come in again, and then I have to go through the whole ‘stretching out’ process again… oh well, I really just want my car to be fixed! I am bringing it to the mechanic tomorrow after work to get the body work done (from when the lady hit me). I am getting it done while I am in NY so that I don’t have to go through the hassle of a rental car… so soon enough, my car will look new again…

More NY!

Brian and I also got David Letterman Tickets!!! YAY!!! They finally called Brian last week. In order to get on the show, you are asked a trivia question about the show or David Letterman. Brian missed the first question, but the lady was nice enough to give him a different one :) He got that one RIGHT! Look for us on TV!! We are going to the David Letterman Show in the afternoon, then back to the hotel to change, and off to Phantom that night! we are going to be SO busy!! YAY! I can't WAIT!!!

Happy 26th Birthday Brian!

Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To YOOOU!
Happy Birthday To BRIAN!!!!!
Happy Birthday TOOOO YOOOOOOOUUU!!!!!

Happy 26th Baby!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

New York! So much to do!!!

I cant believe it is getting SO close!!! Brian and I are going to NY January 9 - 13, 2008 and we are both SUPER excited! So far, we have SO much to do!!

Brian already promised me I get a WHOLE day dedicated to.... SHOPPING!!! what a great boyfriend!! of course we will do lots of site seeing as well that day!

Brian is also making my dream come true! He is taking me to see Phantom of the Opera! I cant believe it! It is something I have wanted to see for the longest! I cant believe I am really going to get to see it! I know Brian will enjoy this - maybe not as much as I do because I am OBSESSED, but how could you go the Phantom and NOT enjoy it? I couldnt believe it when he bought the tickets - this is what I am looking forward to the most! YAY!!!

We also have plans to go see the Conan O'Brien Show! I blogged about these tickets when I got them - but now we know for sure we are going to get to go because they have scheduled a time to start taping again! WOOHOO!!! I've only seen a couple of his shows, but Brian really likes him - I know I will have a good time too :)

We also have tickets to see the Empire State Building and do the Skyride, which is a simulated helicopter ride and virtual-reality movie theater - I think it will be pretty cool :)

We are also going to see Ground Zero. I think its def a place all Americans should see. I'm sure it will be very sad and touching at the same time. There are a ton of museums around there that have scraps of metal from the buildings, pictures, among other things to view that I would like to visit.

I dont know if you are familiar with the movie Serendipity, but in the movie, they go to a place called Serendipity - this place is famous for thier frozen treats - Oprah even had it on her 'Favortie Things' one year! So we have plans to eat here one day and check out the treats :)

There is so much to do and so much to see in NY, we wont be able to do it all... but we will be super busy for the time we are there! We both have family that live there, so we will be seeing them as well. I cant wait!!!



I know that lately I have neglected my blog :( I was on Christmas Vacation and I dont think I picked up a computer once the whole time!!!

I did however finish Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (book 3). I am almost done with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (book 4)!! It is getting SO good now! I have about 100 pages left... I will finish it this weekend, I'm sure! I am going to take Book 5 (Order of the Phoenix) with me on my NY trip. Brian has banned it (because I am so obsessed) but I can read it during the plane ride and layovers! hope he knows not to talk to me... haha
I will post pictures of everything I did over my break soon - I promise!!!