Monday, May 12, 2008

This is where I get it from!!

Some stories from this weekend... they get more entertaining as you continue to read :) I love my family....

Setting: In the hot tub (pool was really cold)

Mom: (frantic) Where are my sunglasses?!?!

Tim: Mrs. Lundy, they’re on your head…

Mom: oh…

(Time to take Mom’s drink away…)

Setting: In the hot tub (again)

Stephanie: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! OUCH!!!!!!

Tim: Stephanie you can’t pull on the pampas grass like that, it will cut you.

Stephanie: Oh my gosh! This is really bad! Look how long the cut it is… Mom, do you think I need stitches??

(Mom and I look at each other and bust out laughing)

Stephanie: this is not funny, this is serious!

(still laughing)

Later that night, Stephanie still tries to justify why she needs stitches… honestly, her ‘deathly cut’ looked like a long paper cut…

Funny #3
Setting: Driving to my house (in Montrose) with my little sister.

Ashley: The streets here are so different here, I don’t like it

Rachel: yeah, you’re not in the suburbs anymore, you’re in the city, its not all cookie-cutter.

Ashley: what city are we in?

(Pausing at my disbelief)

Rachel: Houston…

Ashley: so I live in the suburbs?

(Pausing again at what I am hearing – thinking to myself ‘is she serious?’)

Rachel: yes…

Ashley: but Katy is a city

Rachel: yes, it is a city, but it’s a suburb of Houston. Just like Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Tomball…

Ashley: oh… really?

(I give up)


Krystyn said...

Okay, that is freakin' hilarious! Your mom, your sisters, too much!

Now, I'm sure they could reciprocate and have some stories about you, too!

Erin said...

haha, great stories! I'm sure they really appreciate you putting them on here. hehe...

Stephanie said...

Wow..thats too funny! you guys are always having fun!

MOM said...

I am sitting at my desk cracking up at all these stories...and Steph really thought she needed stitches!...but Ashley really cracks me up, you know she isn't allowed out of the city of KATY...ha ha ha, you are too funny! I bet we can find a few things about YOU...I love you!

Krystyn said...

I just realized that you said "Mrs. Lundy." Does Tim really call her that? That's so formal and old-fashioned like!