Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our London Trip - POST 5

All over London there were these cute little pubs. I am a huge pub fan! I'd take a pub over a bar any day! This is me going into one of those really cute pubs :) This is the inside of the pub - see how cute they are?? See why I am such a big fan!?! I loved them! They were all so unique.This is Kings Cross Train Station (they are getting ready to host the 2012 Olympics, which is why the rings are there - very cool to see!). If you know ANYTHING about Harry Potter, you know they come here to get to the Hogwarts Express Train...
Which is why I had to stop off at Platform 9 3/4!!! Unfortunately, the Hogwarts Express was not waiting for me on the other side...

Chris' sister told us about a new restaurant that had been featured on the Apprentice Show called The Circus, so Chris made reservations. In the middle of dinner, they would have these performers come out about every 30 minutes and put on an act. It was really entertaining!! I've never been to a restaurant like that before! Here's a sample: The bathrooms were so neat! This is the place you wash your hands - there is a sensor when you put your hand underneath the arrow (see it on the white side?) and water would come down the from the ceiling!! It was so cool, I had to take a picture! It took me a while to figure out how to wash my hands at first... and the hand dryer was the same way!

When we found out the dates we would be visiting London, Chris bought tickets for us to see Dirty Dancing! This show was SO amazing!!! I loved every second of it!! The actors danced, sang and portrayed the characters perfectly! He got us GREAT seats! This was taken without a zoom!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Our London Trip - POST 4

We took a boat ride on the River Thames to the Tower of London - Me on the boat :) The Wobbly Bridge - they used this bridge in the last HP movie - the dementors destroyed it.
Tower Bridge

Tower of London - this was my favorite place we toured

Traitors Gate - Chris told me a story about this gate... they would attach people to this gate and let the tide come in and drown them... when the tide went down, they left your body for the rats to eat... Guess they take traitors pretty seriously!!

Tower of London - The Torture Dungeon - this was a torture device that strapped you down and stretched you out.

Where they Keep the Crowned Jewels! We were able to tour the Crowned Jewels as well (no pictures allowed) - they were STUNNING! We were able to get so close to them... I wanted to take all of them home!

I am standing where Queen Anne Boleyn was beheaded

St. Paul's Cathedral - a magnificent building

Absolutely beautiful

Everything is so detailed. It's amazing to look at.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our London Trip - POST 3

This was a VERY busy touring day for us!
Parliament and Big Ben
London Eye Westminster Abbey

The sites and history here were AMAZING! The ceiling was beautifulTa-Da!!! THE Alter William and Kate were just married at! Downing Street St James’ Palace St. James’ Park On Route to Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace We took a break at a cute little pub On a Double Decker Bus!! (that I thought was made up just for Harry Potter!) Piccadilly China Town And ended our day with some Champagne Bellini’s at the Oxo Tower. Those Bellini’s were AMAZING!!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Our London Trip - POST 2

Chris left early in the morning for his Visa interview at the embassy. I was meeting his Dad at the Royal Opera House a couple hours later, so I had to take my first ever train all by myself!!! His mom was kind enough to walk me to the platform and wait with me until the train came. My stop was the last one, so I couldn’t really mess it up… then I grabbed a taxi from Waterloo Station and off I went!

The Royal Opera House was so beautiful! I was so happy to have this private tour! Chris finished early with his interview and was able to come along as well.

The entire place was so pretty
I was in love with these chandeliers

We went to the Sarastro Restaurant for a cup of coffee with his Dad afterwards, and this place was like no other restaurant I had ever seen!!See what I mean??

Then we saw some school kids who asked us to answer a few questions for an assignment, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture with them! They looked so cute in their uniforms!

At lunch, Chris’ Dad ordered an ‘American Sized’ Tiramisu for me – YUM!

Then Chris and I went off to Hampton Court Palace!! It was so beautiful and HUGE!!!

The Chapel Royal

The Ceiling in the Chapel was gorgeous!

Just so you can get a feel for how huge this Palace is....

Chris and I thought it would be fun to do the Maze in the Gardens
I found our way to the center! Yay!!!

We grabbed a snack at The Albany Riverside Pub & Eating House. It was so delicious!

There were rowers practicing – it was pretty neat to watch them.

That night we hung out with Natalie and Dan again. We did facetime with my sister and decided to dress the part – Introducing the next King and Queen of England!!
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