Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vito Update

For Vito's Eye: Turns out Vito had a severe eye infection. I am putting drops in his eyes twice a day and his eye already seems SO much better!!! (pic before we went to the Vet) For Vito's Skin: Apparently my baby is HIGHLY allergic to fleas! The vet could not find any live fleas on him, therefore he doesn’t have them, but she said that if he gets 1-2 flea bites, his skin reacts terribly to them. Because I don’t have a yard, I walk him from yard to yard to go potty which is probably how he got bitten. The solution?? I am giving him a pill that’s part steroid and part anti-histamine to calm down his skin and I am starting him on this new medication once a month for flea and heartworm prevention. This little visit sure put a nice hole in my pocket, but Vito is worth every penny!!

And Thank You Ariana!! – who gave me a ‘sneaky’ way to give Vito his pills (because he hates them!). I wrap it up in Kraft Singles! He LOVES them! This morning was SO much easier than last night when I tried to give him the medicine! Thank goodness!!! So Thanks Ariana!


Krystyn said...

Cheese..that's genius!

Izzy fell while running in the street (she was supervised). You can read about it on our family blog: hall-family-news.blogspot.com

April said...

OMG Vito is too adorable! Sorry to hear he was sick but it sounds like things are looking up! I'm always so upset when my furry babies are sick (I have 2 dogs 3 cats!). We also use the cheese-method for giving pills...my little one, Daisy, is so picky that she needs to be "tricked" into taking them(sometimes we give them peanut butter too which works just as well).
:-) April

Stephanie said...

The cheese doesn't make him have an upset stomach? I didn't know dogs were allowed to have cheese?? You might want to check :)

I'm glad he is okay. That is one pricey little pup you've got. See you both tomorrow!!

Stephanie said...

Cheese and peanut butter are a great trick! We have always used those! I'm glad that he is better now! The blog list basically list when you have updated your profile! I thought I would try it out!

Leilani said...

My mom always uses the cheese in the can. Our little chihuahua's love it.

Oh and I found your blog from Stephanie. I hope that's ok. I have enjoyed reading it for awhile now. You always have such fun things to blog about. My favorite is Muggle Mondays. Great blog!

I hope your little guy gets better quickly!