Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Best Friend - My Sister

I was searching through some old papers last night, when I came across this poem my older sister, Stephanie, had written for me. I typed it word for word what she wrote about me :) It pretty witty and funny... although I think she could have changed the last sentence :) haha - ENJOY! and thanks Stephanie!!
My Best Friend – My Sister
Dated 9-9-2004

I have a little sister who’s kind of wacky,
She’s really cute though – not like tacky.
Sometimes it takes her a while to catch on,
Definitely making her the more ditzy one!
She forgets things rather quick,
And sometimes then she tends to make the wrong pick.
She’s quite a little ball of fire,
Give her a mall and she’s an expert buyer!
So even though her money fades faster,
Of fashion & clothes, she is a master!
She’s quick to shoot back,
At any & all who talk smack.
She’s mainly a whiskey kind of girl,
And can make most any boys head do a whirl.
So while an angel she is most certainly not,
Having a fun time is mainly what’s sought!
She thinks she should be an actress,
But she should save her passion for the mattress :)
For little Vito she’s the most doting mother,
And except for Stephanie, he’d want no other!
No matter what, she’s my best friend,
And that wont change no matter what life may send.
Cause I love my quirky little sister,
Even at those times that she seems like an annoying painful blister!
I love you!
-(heart)- Steph

Picture taken Easter 2008 of me and Steph :) I love you Stephanie!


Stephanie said...

Oh now that's funny! I'm cracking up at: "But she should save her passion for the mattress" - Haha!

I probably wrote this while we were in class at U of H - that wouldn't surprise me at all!

See how sweet I am? Love you too!

And I HATE that picture of me you posted. Bleh! But my hair has grown out so much since then! Crazy...

Krystyn said...

HAHA! What a nice poem, though! You'll always be able to save that and have a special memory!

Stephanie said...

How sweet! You two are adorable!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA thats awesome!!!

MOM said...

I always knew the two of you were close and that is just wonderful, but the part I don't understand is the "passion for the mattress". Could one of you explain this to your mother please. I love you both! I will be waiting for the call.

Stephanie said...

Cracking up at Mom's comment. YOU can explain to her what that means! Hahahaha!

Krystyn said...

Okay, I almost spit out my lunch at your mom's better come up with a good story.

It means you like to sleep in, right?

Rachel said...

yes OF COURSE!!! I am SO passionate about sleeping!!! thats all she meant mom!! Just sleeping... Stephanie should have to explain it since she is the one who wrote it!! haha :)

MOM said...

Okay! Now my curiosity is up and I want to know what ya'll are talking about!!! I want to be included in the joke...I'm still waiting on my call. :)