Tuesday, April 29, 2008

German Fest = New Phone & New Suglasses

This weekend I went to German Fest with Brian and some of his friends… We had a really good time, they had tons of stuff to do such as SHOPPING, games, tons of food (including funnel cake!), tons of beer, shopping, bands, pull-ups by the marines (Brian did this), shopping, Brian also did the bell ringing (where you hit the platform with a mallet to try to ring the bell), and did I mention shopping??

It was a really fun festival… the only bad thing? I lost my Arnette Sunglasses AND my cell phone! I couldn’t believe it!! I have been using a pre-paid phone since Sunday - I hate it how big and bulky it is, how it dies after talking for 7 min, and how it tells me how much time is left on it EVERY time I make a call... But the good news is… no one has used my phone (YAY!), I bought the same exact sunglasses (YAY YAY!!), and I am getting a new phone today (YAY YAY YAY!!!).

I am going to get the new LG EnV 2! It’s the upgrade from the old EnV. They made it much more sleek and compact. I am so super excited! It should be coming in today before 10:30AM according to FedEx tracking!!!! Here are some pics of the new phone I'm getting (except mine will be red!!!) I love new phones!!

So really, German Fest only set me back about $350.00!!!! OUCH!!! Thank goodness I just got my tax return in!!!


Stephanie said...

Consider yourself lucky. I keep wishing I would lose my phone. No fair. I think this one looks much better.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I think you are VERY lucky.

Stephanie said...

Well that sucks, but atleast you got some good food (aka funnel cake) and shopping while losing these things! lol The new phone looks nice!

Krystyn said...

The phone looks fun! Stinks that you lost them, though.