Wednesday, January 28, 2009

16 things - by Brian

I was tagged by Krystyn @ Really Are You Serious? I had to list 16 things about myself, but Brian had to come up with them. Like Cara, I had to comment, so my comments are in italics :)

1. love your soaps
I did go from watching 3 a day to only 1... I should get some credit for that!

2. deserts are your favorite part of any meal
I have a huge sweet tooth

3. addicted to your iphone
yes I am... It's just so much fun! and you are just jealous because now I have the cool phone!

4. VERY family oriented
I'm Italian. Enough Said.

5. you would take a bullet for your dog
He is my only son!

6. pick half of your bread off of your sandwiches
I pick it off of Subs, Hamburgers, Sandwiches - I'm just not a bread person!

7. wouldn’t be alive without your planner
its good to be organized! I have a busy life!

8. you’re a faster drive then you think
I guess my speeding ticket I got last month would agree...

9. you’re a good cook
get it from my mom!

10. you kind of like Twilight and H.P.

11. good with kids
aww, thanks babe

12. Churascos is your favorite restaurant
wanna go tonight?

13. you LOVE your birthday WEEK and holidays
I'm glad you understand that I desrve a birthday week :)

14. you pretty much can remember everything I say
its a woman thing, and it can be both good or bad... at least you can't say I dont listen!

15. Karys is your world
being an Aunt is amazing!

16. you’re so beautiful and I love you
I love you too :)

Thanks Krystyn - this was my favorite Tag :)
If you want to do this Tag, go for it!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Birthday Brownies!

Well, I didn't win the contest :( but I still made brownies for B's birthday! And even though I didn't win, I still have to thank Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious because I never would have thought about making something creative if she wouldn't have posted!

Football Brownies!! And they were a big hit!! (is it bad that I had to look up what a football looked like?? haha)

I did get him a real cake too (because he LOVES Chocolate Chip Cookies!) And hung a banner :)

Hope you had a great 27th!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I need my space!!

Brian and I went to Chili's this weekend and I made him take this picture for me...
I will never become one of those couples that sits together on one side of a booth... much less a booth clearly made for ONE person on each side. Even the Hostess was taken by surprise when they sat down. Really, its just dinner, I think you can survive looking at each other from across the table. I mean, I love you Brian, but I would have been elbowing him while I ate - I need my space when I eat! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy 27th Birthday Brian!!!!
I love you and hope you have a WONDERFUL Birthday!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playing Catch-Up!

I have really been slacking lately on my blog posts!! I figured I would do best if I just put it all into one! The month of December was SUPER busy for me!!

I had my work Christmas Party, which was absolutely beautiful! It was a Winter Wonderland theme, so everything was white, silver! There was a sit down dinner, open bar, a separate martini bar, pictures, prizes, and dancing. I won a Chair Massager which I gave to my mom because she claimed she needed it more than I did :)

Brian had his work Christmas Party at a Country Club in Spring, TX. The place was decorated very pretty as well. I got to know some of his work friends and we won a prize at his party as well!! We won the centerpiece that was at our table. We didn’t actually win it, but his friend did and he didn’t really want a pretty flower arrangement :)

I used the centerpiece to decorate a table at the Ladies Christmas Exchange Party that Ariana and I hosted at our house. We had lots of food, wine, friends, and presents! I won the movie House Bunny (which I LOVE) and 2 really pretty nail polishes (both of which I have already worn!) Thanks for bringing that gift Brooke!!! And I am glad I didn’t get it stolen!!!

Brian and I went to the play, A Christmas Carol, with a group our friends – which I believe has now become a tradition :) The play was very entertaining; everyone seemed to enjoy the play more than the Nutcracker Ballet last year, so we will see probably see another play or symphony next year.

Christmas Eve was a BLAST! My favorite thing all year is my Nana's Christmas Party. I get to see family that I haven’t seen in so long, dress up, Santa always stops by, we have an ornament exchange, open presents, and Nana always has the stocked bar and yummy food! This year was just as awesome! And I am VERY happy with the ornaments Brian and I both won!

Christmas Day was fun but hectic!! I woke up and had Christmas at my parents with them and my little sister, Brian came over later that morning and we had our Christmas, then we all went to Nana’s and had great food (again!) and opened our stockings, we went to visit my Dad’s side of the family, which was cut short because Brian and I had to go do Christmas with his family and eat a wonderful meal again! I then left Brian’s family and went to my sister’s to have Christmas with her, Tim, and Karys. We hung out for a while and played the Wii that Tim got for Christmas. Needless to say, I was running around all day, but I was glad that I got to see everyone. It was one of my best Christmases so far!

New Years Eve – It is a tradition every New Years Eve that my Nana treats all of us to dinner – all 27 of us this year (and yes, that is just my first cousins, aunts and uncles!). This year we went to Salt Grass. Although we didn’t get seated for a while, the service was slow, and some steaks were under-cooked, I think just being around family is fun and eventful :) Brian and I then went to his Sister’s house, who was hosting a New Years Eve Party there. My best friend Kara and her husband, and my friend Val came from out of town to go with us! It was so good to see everyone!
New Years Day – Brian and I had to get up early, pack up, and head to my Nana’s for all the traditional foods, then we headed straight out to Dallas to go to the Cotton Bowl!!

We had such AWESOME seats at the Cotton Bowl!!! Thanks Tamara and Steve!!! Even though Tech lost :( and played the worst they did all season :( we still had a good time tailgating and being at the game!!!

And somewhere in between all that, I had a flare up in my eye for the first time in almost 2 years! Maybe it was from running around so much, the stress of the holidays, or getting run down with allergies?? But, I am better now and the doctor doesnt believe it left any scarring on my eye, so I should be fine!!

So... this pretty much sums up what has been going on and why I haven’t been slacking so much on my entries… I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!