Friday, May 30, 2008

Boot Camp Update - Week 2

Tuesday was so much better! Probably because there was a storm about to roll through so it wasn’t nearly as hot as it has been! I did not get lightheaded or vomit this time!! In fact, the trainer told me I was the strongest one!!! How cool is that?? So this time he brought me a different (and harder) resistance band to do my leg exercises with, and I was stuck with the larger weights with we did the arm workout… so my arms feel like they are about to fall off right now, but my legs don’t really feel that sore… And thanks to Ariana – I ate a protein bar before I went, so that could have been my source for more energy as well. I hope Thursday goes this well!
I think Thursday was the hardest workout yet... The trainers worked on abs - OUCH! I really think that protein bar has helped me a lot though... I was able to do all of the workout again, but while we were doing the stretching I started to feel sick again... but at least it was just stretching left - So I am in a TON of pain today because I think I did more push-ups in that work out then I have in my entire life - I better see some results after this is all over with!


Stephanie said...

With Atkins, I eat a major amount of protein now and can totally tell a difference while working out.
Have you seen any results yet?

Krystyn said...

Can't wait to see the results!