Monday, March 31, 2008

Muggle Monday's

Muggles have been enjoying the excitement of Quidditch tournaments and the Quidditch World Cups for years now… but I think muggles may have taken this one a little too far… USA Today reported that the new sport being played around college campuses is Quidditch… yes, I said Quidditch…

The players all have broomsticks between their legs as they play the game and they have the same positions that the books have… here are the rules for ‘Earthbound Quidditch’ (which has been described as a cross between rugby, dodge ball, and soccer)
Brooms are required, leaving only one hand available, making the game harder as you chase the game ball, a slightly deflated volleyball.
Each team has seven players.

Three chasers throw the ball among them as they work down the field. If they get it through one of three circular goals (think hula hoops on poles), the team scores 10 points.

At the same time, two other team members (beaters) fling around dark balls called bludgers in an attempt to distract and knock over opposing players. When a player is hit with a bludger, he must drop any ball he is holding and run back to his goal zone before he can make any more plays.

Seekers try to catch the most elusive ball, the Golden Snitch. In the Rowling books, the Snitch flies about independently. In real life, it hangs in a sock from the shorts of a player selected for fleetness of foot. The Snitch disappears for periods of time, reappearing on the field to shrieks of the crowd. The Snitch player has a much larger boundary than the others, often covering a large part of campus. Seekers can follow him. Catching the Snitch is worth 50 points, and once the Snitch is caught, the game ends.

I'll give them points for creativity... but this is kinda taking it too far... to see the full article, click here - story from USA Today Website

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I have recently started working out – after living with Ariana for a while I really had no choice… she comes home ever day after her workout to a roommate that is sitting in front of the TV, in a T-shirt and PJ pants half asleep – basically I was a bum! So now I have a GREAT running partner Talya and thanks to my mom, I joined Bally’s Total Fitness. Woohoo! Go me! I finally am getting on the whole working out bandwagon!

When you join Bally’s, they offer one session with a personal trainer – mine was yesterday. At first I was like ‘oh this is easy, I could easily do a couple more sets of this’ blah blah blah… what am I thinking today? OUCH! Comes to mind!! I think every inch of my body is hating me right now!!!
So my Thursday Thirteen today is:
13 things my trainer made me do yesterday
(or thirteen reasons my body hates me right now!)
Just know I don’t know the ‘formal name’ for most of the stuff I did, so bare with me…

1 – Do a mile on a Pre-core Machine (kinda like an elliptical without the arm movements) and it took me 10 min, which I think is pretty good!
2 – Squats – 2 different kinds and with an 8lb weight
3 – Arm curls with 10lb weights
4 – Leg lifts – 3 different lifts, one set of 15 for each different lift, on each leg – OUCH!
5 – Crunches while throwing a ball between us
6 – Run around the track 2 times – no idea how far this was, but when it is in the middle of your workout, its PRETTY tiring!
7 – Lunges with 5lb weights.
8 – Laying on my back and having her throw my legs down (I had to stop them before they touched the ground)
9 - Lay on the agility ball and lift an 8lb weight over my head (only supposed to move my forearm)
10 – Get on all fours and lift an 8lb weights only moving my forearm again
11 – Bench Press - I dont think I was very good at this...
12 – Sit on the ground with legs bent, swinging from side to side holding an weighted ball (much harder than it sounds!)

The best part: When she asked me if I was Greek or Italian :)
The worst part: watching myself running because there are mirrors all over the track... I would like to think that when I run my legs dont move... hahaha - now I know what I look like at Memorial Park!! hahaha

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesdays

My Papa - The best man I have ever known - I miss him more than words can say...

(pic taken 2000)

Monday, March 24, 2008

What A Romantic!!!

Friday Night Brian planned a night for the two of us (he sent me an invitation and everything!) - I knew we were going to dinner, but he wouldnt tell me where - only to 'dress to impress' which meant a nice restaurant… He showed up at my house with this beautiful arrangement of flowers for me!!!
I was so shocked - arent they gorgeous?? Then to make things even better... When I got into the truck, he had the Enchanted DVD waiting on my seat for me!!! If you dont remember, that was our FIRST movie to see with each other in the theaters!! (not to mention one of my favorite movies!!!) So by this time I was already pretty much swept off my feet, but I still didnt know where we were going!! I like surprises, so I thought it was exciting - and when we got close, I guessed it - he took me to The Melting Pot!!! This is a really nice and YUMMY fondue restaurant – I had been telling him that I wanted to take him here when I got my raise, but since I had been ranting and raving about it for so long, he decided to take me there as a surprise! You have no idea how big my smile was the entire night!

We had a wonderful four course meal that was a shocking 2.5 hours long!! We didn’t even realize how long we had been there! It was a perfect dinner, we had a great waiter whom made excellent suggestions for us – here is a picture of us at the dinner table.

As you can tell, we LOVED the chocolate fondue dessert!!
And then our waiter gave us this really good Garlic & Wine Seasoning - cant wait to try it!
So all in all - We had a GREAT date! I had no idea Brian was such a romantic!!!

Muggle Monday's

Will be playing the new HP Movie!!! It will be opening the same day as the movie will be - SUPER EXCITING!!!! I would LOVE to go see HPB at the IMAX!!! Thanks MuggleNet and The Leaky Cauldron!

Professor McGonagall
Professor McGonagall is fighting breast cancer but still pulling through and filiming HBP. Lets pray she gets better soon!!! (thanks for sending this story from Perez Hilton to me Stephanie!)

According to Rupert Grint (Ron), in an interview with The Sun, says he has 'a numb bum' from flying on his broom! In this interview he talks about numb bums and streakers on the set!


Here are some pics released in Nick Magazine of filming the HBP!!

Pictures from MuggleNet

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Match Day

Today is a pretty important day for my Med School Friends - see through the years I have become what some might refer to as a Med School Groupie... I just happen to have a bunch of successful friends really... well today they find out where they will be doing their residency!! Basically where they will spend the next 5-6 years of their lives!!
In honor of this event, we are all getting together and celebrating all out! We have rented a limo bus and are traveling around Houston ready to dance the night away!! This will be the last time every one gets together before they are spread all over the country!!

And Congrats on finishing Med School! Huge accomplishment!

(and yes, photos of this event will be posted soon)

Thursday Thirteen

13 Photos of My St. Patty's Day Celebration!

1. Startin' the morning with Mimosas!

2. With Sarah

3. The group (minus Sarah the photographer)

4. The twins

5. Sarah wanted to take a bath...

6. Happy Girls

7. The Girls smiling for the camera! 8. What a lovely background, dont ya think?
9. Kisses!!10. In the streets of Greenville
11. Classic Rachel - I got tired... and we were locked out of the car... so I took a nap!
(I always have been able to fall alseep anywhere!) 12. Don't think that made me stop partying though! Us out later :) Brian looks a tad sunburned... me? Can't even tell I was in the sun! 13. Sarah and Terrell made friends with some Germans

(yes, straight from Germany - they were very much obsessed with Sarah!)

What a fun St. Patty's Day Celebration!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Muggle Monday's

Some exciting news about the new Harry Potter Theme Park!!! This is the official Logo!This is what is on the official website for the theme park that shows what the plans for Hogwarts Castle will look like!!!! OMG I cant wait!!

The theme park is expected to open between December 15th, 2009 and June 30th, 2010 - and JK Rowling said "The plans I've seen look incredibly exciting, and I don't think fans of the books or films will be disappointed."

Warner Bros has confirmed the last Harry Potter Movie Installment WILL be cut into two!!! This is such exciting news for the muggle world!!!

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) said ‘The seventh book doent really have any subplots. It’s one driving, pounding story from the word go.”

Producer Heyman said "The question will be, where do you break it? And how do you make them one but two separate and distinct stories? Do you break it with a moment of suspense or one of resolution?"

So what in the muggle world could be disappointing about this?? Well just one thing.. the release dates of these movies… Part I is to be released in November 2010, while Part II is expected for release in May 2011.

You want MORE Great news?? David Yates is going to produce both installments!!! He was the director of the Order of the Phoenix and currently directing the Half-Blood Prince! OMG! I could not be more excited right now! What GREAT NEWS!!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things that have changed in my life within the past year

1 – I graduated! WOOHOO!!
2 – I became an Aunt of the most beautiful baby girl – Karys Elise Daugherty (did I mention that she said RoRo??)
3 – Began working full-time (no longer on my parents insurance)
4 – Totaled my car 5 – Purchased a car on my own (no co-signer!)
6 – I moved out, and then back, and then back out again :)
7 – Started laser hair removal procedures (thanks Sona Med Spa!) 8 – Read the Harry Potter Series (all 7 books and became a tad nit obsessed!) 9 – I began dating Brian 10 – I started a Blog (thanks to my sister Stephanie!) 11 – This is a big one guys – it has been OVER a year since I have had an eye problem!!!!!
12 – I formed acid reflux – and pretty much live on Zantac now… :( 13 – I saw my very first live musical – Phantom of the Opera (thanks Brian!!!)