Friday, July 23, 2010


When a co-worker recently returned from vacation, she surprised me with this! She knows I love all-things-Twilight, and that I am Team Edward!! I'm not sure which one looks more delicious - Edward or the candy... who am I kidding?! EDWARD!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Surprise!!

My friend, Brittney, is an awesome runner. Running 6-10 miles a day is normal for her!! So naturally, she was one of my biggest supporters when I decided to start running.
When she found out she was chosen to run in the NY Marathon, she decided to to make a vacation out of it and asked me if I had any recommendations for her. I told her about a few places but stressed the restaurant, Serendipity, which was featured in the movie, Serendipity, they have the most AMAZING frozen hot chocolate! I absolutely LOVED this place!!

After I ran my 5K, I received an unexpected package in the mail from her. What girl doesn't love to get a package?? Because she was so excited for me finishing my run, she sent me a gift!!! The package had the movie Serendipity with a sweet note :) I was so excited!
Thank you SO much Britt!!! I can't wait to watch it!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My FIRST 5K Run!

We did it!!
Stephanie and I completed our training program (C25K) just in time to make the Run Wild 5K our graduation run!!!

I never would have attempted this challenge if it wouldn't have been for my sister, and I KNOW that I would not have completed the program without her - I am so happy we did this together and SO proud of BOTH of us for following through with it!! I ran it in 34:38min - not too bad for my first!!

And the group we ran with! Our group was HUGE!!!

Next up? I am training for a 10K in August. Wish me luck!! I am in week 2 of the 6 week training program and it is already pretty tough!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day & Run Wild 5K!!

Happy Independence Day!!! I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!!
This is what Stephanie and I have been training for!! Wish us luck! I am SOOO excited! Hopefully all this hard work will pay off today and we will make it within our goal time!!!