Tuesday, May 24, 2011

California Getaway

Chris has proven he is very spontaneous on many occasions. Naturally, when I received a text from him asking if we had anything planned for a specific weekend in a few months, I knew he was up to something. Finally, the third weekend he asked about was empty. About 45 minutes later, I receive a text instructing me to check my facebook…

This is what I read:

What a romantic! - It looks like we will be heading to California and cruising along the Pacific Highway in a convertible! WOOHOO!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

San Antonio Visit

This past week, Chris' Dad and Stepmom came to Texas for the very first time! Chris wanted to show them some Texas history, so we went to San Antonio and visited the Alamo. I couldn't remember the last time I had toured the Alamo, so it was a treat for me as well!

Remember the Alamo!! I Shall Never Surrender or Retreat!Chris with his Dad and Stepmom

Me and Chris
We also took a boat tour, walked along the banks, and had lunch and dinner on the Riverwalk the day before. I think its safe to say we all had a wonderful time in San Antonio :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

5K Obstacle Course Mud Run

Groupon was having a 50% off registration fee to Boondock Battle, a 5K obstacle course mud run, so I checked it out and thought it would be SO much fun!! I immediately contacted my friend Emily who ran with me in a 10K Beach run last year, as well as the 5K Turkey Trot. She thought it sounded like a blast as well, so we signed up!

This was my very first obstacle course to run. I had the best intensions on training for it, however the week that I was supposed to start a crossfit training class; I had a flare up In my eye and was on doctors’ orders not to do anything strenuous. Then after about 2 weeks, I forgot… so I completed the Boondock Battle without training… but it was not easy, and I paid for it – and I was not able to run the whole time… but nonetheless, Em and I had a lot of fun!!!

The pictures crack me up! The camera was at the very end, where they have a HUGE mud slide. Em and I asked if we could together, which they should have told us no! We ended up colliding and it did not feel all that wonderful – but again, it was fun!

Em and I coming down the mud slide:
Hitting the water at the end:Trying to get out of the mud pit: After I finished the whole course: We both agreed we will do it again next year (and I will actually train for it), and that we want to get a big group together to run it with us.
We are now signed up for the Beach Palooza in September with a large group, which is a 5K Obstacle Course on the beach in Galveston. And I fully intend to train for that one as well!