Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tunnels - Love them!

Wow - I discovered something VERY exciting today! I was running a little early for work this morning (about 15 min early) so I thought what a wonderful time to try out the tunnels!! I have seen everyone go down there from the garage, but I was too scared I would get lost... this is me we are talking about... but I made it!! and it is going to save me a good 3 minutes in the morning (not to mention saving my hair from Houston's nasty humidity and getting soaked when it rains)!!! I am so proud of myself!!

But to be perfectly honest... I did get a little lost... I went the wrong direction when I first got into the tunnels... then I asked for directions (ha- see boys! it works!) and I was pointed in the right direction and was amazed at how nice the tunnels are!!

I am VERY proud of myself for making this little adventure all by myself!! aww, I'm growing up!! :) Still dont know if I am comforable enough to try it for lunch.... I think one big adventure a day is good enough...

(Picture is my building! the TALLEST building in Houston! I'm on one of the highest floors! SOOOO High!!!)


Stephanie said...

I am so proud of you ;) I don't think our tunnels connect but we'll have to find each other for lunch next week sometime.

And that is too high up for my taste! Scary! :)

MOM said...

WOW!!!....what a huge building!...I don't know if I could handle that. You will have to show me the tunnels one day, how neat.