Monday, May 19, 2008

Muggle Monday's

New Pic from HPB!!!
I saw this picture on MuggleNet - they believe it is from HBP because it is the same clothes he is wearing in another picture released from the movie! This is just going to get better and better until the movie comes!! I cant WAIT!!!
No Trailer in Prince Caspian
Also reported on MuggleNet - there will not be a teaser trailer of Half-Blood Prince in the beginning of the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Thats a bummer :(
JKR Children's Choice 'Author of the Year'
The voting is in... and by over 55,000 children - they voted J K Rowling as the "Author of the Year"!!! Although not only children read her novels (hints myself) what a GREAT honor!!
Deathly Hallows filming to begin later this year
MuggleNet reported that Deathly Hallows filming will commence later this year in the Scottish Highlands of Lochaber. That sounds GREAT to me! The quicker they film it, the quicker they edit it, and the quicker it is released to all of us anxious muggles!!
(Picture of Lochaber)

Emma Watson is #94 to Maxim!
Guess who made #94 on Maxim Magazine’s top 100 hottest women of 2008??
Emma Watson!!! (click here for the link!)
185 Days until the release of HPB!!!

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Stephanie said...

The closer it gets the more excited I am than ever about this movie!! I could watch these over and over!