Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Reasons I Heart Vito!!!

1 – His face – I can’t stay mad at him with that sweet face of his…
2 – His under bite – how cute he is with his bottom tooth sticking out
3 – how he loves to wear clothes just as much as I love dressing him!
4 – Vito kisses are THE BEST!
5 – how he likes to attack the golfer… he crouches down and waits for them to pass – he is my little guard dog!
6 – How sweet he is – he is the biggest lap dog ever – and he LOVES his mommy!!!
7 – How he has to bring something out of his crate every time!!
8 – How he sits in his car seat like a big boy and looks out the window on our car rides!!
9 – How cuddly he is – he has to be touching you at night – he is the best snuggle bug!
10 – How funny he is with Brinks… haha – always taking his bones from him – sorry Brinks!
11 – Our Routine – he hates mornings as much as I do – he waits until I get out of the shower before he wakes up in the mornings – its so cute!
12 – the way he walks – he prances :)
13 - how he is so picky about his food – if he doesn’t like it I find little bites all over the floor! haha


Erin said...

he sounds like a sweetie!! I love dogs...

Tim & Steph said...

I love Vito too...most of the time that is...ugh!

Krystyn said...

Yep, Vito is definitely your baby!