Monday, December 17, 2007

Four WHOLE Months!!!

YEP! Thats right! I went four whole months without going to the eye doctor! If you know me, thats a record!!! WOOHOO!!!! Haha, I see my eye doctor more than I see some of my family! Well, my distant family... :) My eye had been bothering me, but this morning it hurt worse than usual, so I decided to make an appointment just to be safe. I had surgery on my right eye about 1.5 years ago in which I had 3 sutures (stiches) in my eye - now if you have a weak stomach - dont continue to read - my last suture had broken and was poking out a little (not visual to anyone looking at me). It was rubbing on my eyelid which caused it to be red and irritated. So my eye doctor just gave me some numbing drops and got some tweezers and pulled it out! ALL BETTER! YAY!! This had already happened with the other 2 sutures, so I was used to it by now :)