Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 of my Favorite Smells (on the 13th!!)

2- Gasoline
3- Vanilla
4- Men’s Cologne
5- Men’s Deodorant
6- Coffee!!!
7- Certain People Smells (you know how some people have a familiar smell?)
8- Wood burning – love fireplaces and bonfires
9- MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN (that’s for Val! Hahahahaha)
10- The smell right before it rains
11- Vito’s Breath
12- Karys! (Always smells like baby lotion!)
13- Fresh Laundry


Krystyn said...

Ewww...puppy breath...really? And gasoline? I definitely know what you mean about certain people smells. And babies...they ALWAYS smell good!

Stephanie said...

Puppy Breath = GROSS!
I assume for #7 you are talking about me (haha!)
And I think #12 is my all time favorite!

Brian said...

Not too sure about #11. That's borderline crazy

Erin said...

puppy breath. hahaha.