Tuesday, September 16, 2008



Me - Evacuating!!
I had to have the essentials!! (curling iron was a must!) Poor little Vito got hurt right before it hit! I had to take him to the Vet the morning of the storm... poor little guy was put in a cast! But he took it off after a couple hours, he is fine now :) The 2 little ones checking things out!
One of my favs :) Toasting!
My sister enjoying it :)
and Tim... haha
Now to the more serious stuff...
My house...
After the clean up...
(thanks to Brian and Ryan for helping me and Ariana!)
My Street!
God was looking out for us! At my sisters, we only lost power for 2.5 hours. My house only has minor damage, nothing too bad. Although we are still out of power, so my sister is taking me in for a couple more days :)

The beach house in Surfside only suffered minor damage on the outside of the home, nothing on the inside! We were SO lucky with that one!

My uncles sail boat in Kemah did not have any damage!! YAY!

All of my family is safe and healthy - what more can you ask for??


Stephanie said...

(I wont tell Steph, but you can admit you have power, but you just want to hang out with Karys a few more days..its ok..we wont tell!!)
I'm so glad to hear that everything is ok...I have an update too but I cant download pics to my computer yet, so it will probably be tomorrow!
Everything is fine at my place too though!
I still cant believe that the beach house is that good..what great news!!

Krystyn said...

I'm glad that it was only minimal! And, wow that the sailboat and beach house weren't damaged.

Enjoy your extra time with Karys.

And, really, I'm sure I would love the books, I just haven't gone out and bought them yet!

MOM said...

AMEN!...my fav pic is Karys and Vito looking out the window, how cute!

Darrin said...

SO glad you guys are fine. You're truly blessed!!

Stephanie said...

See? Now aren't you glad I grabbed your camera and snapped pictures of you evacuating!?