Monday, September 8, 2008

Cross-Country Book Club

As you know, I went to the beach this weekend. When I left, I was only about 150 pages into the second book, New Moon, but I finished it this weekend! I couldn’t put it down! I only had about 40 pages left, so I finished them last night – I am starting the third Twilight novel, Eclipse, today. A lot of people say this one is their favorite, so I know I will enjoy it. Book two seems to be the one everyone enjoyed the least, but I was not disappointed AT ALL!! I loved every minute of it!! Hope the rest of my cross-country book club is enjoying the series as well!!!


Stephanie said...

Twilight, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and then New Moon. That's the order of my favorites.

And if you include Midnight Sun in that, well then that goes right next to Twilight at the beginning.

Stephanie said...

OK..I am really slacking!!! No questions asked, I'm going to buy it on my lunch break today!!!
Glad to hear you liked them so far...I've heard the same thing about the 2nd one!!
I cant wait...Cara..are you slacking with me, or do you have me beat too!?!?!

Krystyn said...

You guys really are cruising through the books! I'm thinking I'm so far behind the wagon, maybe I should just let this one go? Seriously, I'm having such weird dreams lately, I can't even imagine the ones I would have after reading about vampires.

Cara said...

Edward kept me up until 3AM last night! I should be mad at him since I am EXHAUSTED today, but nope! He's in my purse to read on my lunch break. Haha! I'm about 300 pages into Twilight and I love it!