Friday, September 19, 2008


I finished Breaking Dawn, which means I am now done with the Twilight Series... and I loved every minute of it!! I am finishing up Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edwards point of view) and then I am going to start my Harry Potter Series again... there is so much I want to pick up the second time around after knowing how it ends!!
I cant wait to hear what you all think about the Twilight Series though!!! I think it was AWESOME!


Stephanie said...

Oh WOW...Im only 100 pages into New Moon, and LOVE IT!
I think I might try the Outlander series your sis is reading next!
I'll keep you posted on the Twilight Series! I have a girl at work hooked now too!
Where did you get Midnight Sun..I didnt know it was out yet? Maybe I read wrong on the web!

Stephanie said...

Aren't you starting the Stephanie Plum series now? said...

I think your brother-in-law hates me for getting your sister hooked on not only Twilight but now Outlander. Sadly, there are so many more I can give her.

If you haven't read Stephanie Plum, you really should. They are quick reads and very funny.

Erin said...

One of my friends is bringing me Twilight this weekend so I can borrow it. I can't wait!