Monday, April 7, 2008

Muggle Monday's

Updates on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park
Although this is all just ‘rumor’ and not an official statement, I find it was still very interesting…

Auditions are being held very soon for the casting of ‘all the major parts for the characters in the books.’ They are rumors of having ‘a wand instructor for the kids. They basically show kids how to do wand magic tricks.’ Others “will be traveling actors through the park playing the parts of wizards that come together in duels. They have specific spots in the park that this happens for special effects. For example, one wizard throws a spell at the other, the other reacts, does stunts and the places around, or behind them, bursts into flames or there is an explosion.”

There is going to be a Gringotts ride ‘that is based on the rails through the bank. There will be a stage show that comes from Goblet of Fire of the scene in the grave yard where Harry fights Voldemort.’

Oh I cant wait until all the details are finalized! I cant WAIT to see this park! Thanks MuggleNet!
PS - 227 Days until the release of HBP!!!

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Stephanie said...

I cannot WAIT to visit this Theme Park!! What a fabulous idea!!