Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 things that make me smile…

1. Driving with the top down and radio blasting

2. Hearing and seeing Karys say my name, laugh, talk, well everything she does I love!!
3. HH with Jennifer – and always having some crazy/weird/random thing happen!!
4. Snuggling with Vito – he is the best snuggler
5. Bubble Baths

6. Hanging out and having girl time with Stephanie
7. Hearing my favorite song on the radio
8. Shopping!

9. Inside Jokes…
10. Remembering funny things that happened at random moments (and people think you are crazy when you laugh randomly)

11. Watching people fall… I know that sounds mean – but when I am bored or mad, I search youtube for videos of people falling… haha – the runway model one is my favorite – please enjoy... you cant help but laugh!!

12. Getting dressed up – especially wearing sparkly jewelry :)

13. Being Surprised – it’s the best!!


Krystyn said...

All good things to be excited about! Matt LOVES that video, too!

Anonymous said...

YeA!!! my favorite thing is to watch ppl fall too!!! We DO have something in common!

Stephanie said...

Those are all very fun things!! Watching people fall is funny, as long as its not me falling! :)

WomensDaily said...

Oh my word that poor model must have been absolutely mortified and to make it worse the news reporter couldn't stop laughing!