Thursday, June 5, 2008


OMG! SEAN PENN WAS JUST FILMING A MOVIE IN DOWNTOWN HOUSTON IN A BUILDING CLOSE TO ME! I went over there with some girls from work to see if we could catch a glance...... I DID!!!
I GOT TO SEE SEAN PENN IN PERSON!!!! We were like ‘Hi SEAN!!!’ like we knew him or something – he was alone with one other guy with him and he just smiled and kinda laughed at us and waved and said hi to us! OMG!!!! That was so super exciting!!!! YAY!! I was so close to a movie star!!!! They wouldn’t let us take any pictures though! Jerks! They made us put our phones away! ERRR! Still - SO AWESOME!
PS - The Movie is called Tree of Life - starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn


Stephanie said...

I wanna see!! Ariana and I need to run down there real quick ;) I WANNA SEE BRAD!!

Rachel said...

Brad isnt in Houston... well as the rumor around the set is... you know, because I am a pro now :) haha

Stephanie said...

I heard they were here on 104 that morning! I cant believe you got to see him! How exciting!

Erin said...

no way!!! that is so cool!!