Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Snap, Crackle, Pop!!

A while ago, I was helping my friends Ashley and Justin pack for their big move to Miami. Ashley and I were cleaning out her pantry – she had some Rice Krispies Cereal she was about to hand to me. There must have been a hole in the box because rice krispies started pouring all over the place… including down her shirt and into her sports bra! She was all sweaty from packing, that they actually started popping inside her bra from her sweat!!! We were laughing so hard! Definitely have never seen that before! Snap, crackle, pop right inside her bra!! haha


Stephanie said...

Oh! I don't know whether to laugh or be disgusted :)

Stephanie said...

I'm right there w/ Steph! I'm not sure how to feel! It is pretty funny though!

Krystyn said...

I'm not sure how I feel about that either...but why were they moving cereal? It takes up so much room?