Friday, June 13, 2008

Boot Camp Update - Week 4

Boot Camp is OVER!!!!

Well I can’t get too excited… I am signed up for another one that starts next week… its with the same two trainers, we are just changing locations. The place we are going has hills that they plan on utilizing… oh joy (can you hear the sarcasim??). Jennifer and Cheryl are both going to do it again as well. I hate it while I am there, but I love it afterwards!

I have been told that you are supposed to give something 6 weeks before you start seeing results… so I am giving it time. I wish that I would have taken my measurments before I started it so I could compare… maybe I will do it for the next one… and if I am brave I will post what they are! Haha


Stephanie said...

Best of luck to you!! My best friend did 2 sessions and was very pleased at the end!! Be brave girl, be brave! lol

Stephanie said...

Don't post what they are - just post the change. Only the change matters.

I heard you are supposed to give something 3 months though. So if nothing after 6 weeks, don't give up!

Krystyn said...

I say don't even worry about the measurements or your weight. Think about how your clothes fit. I bet they are fitting better and you are more toned. That's the most important part...that you are in shape.