Friday, March 16, 2012

It Does A Body Good!

Because I signed up for the half, I had to start running more... I donate blood (when my iron levels allow me to) and they give you a summary of your health each time. I like comparing my levels, however I was SHOCKED to see what a difference running and working out made. I recently started working out with a personal trainer to teach me weights (I had only ever run before). I have proof right in front of my eyes of how much healthier my body is from running and working out. Talk about a motivator!

Here are my Cholesterol Levels:And here ares my Pulse Readings:Isn't that crazy how much they change? I know I have read all the articles and been told that it really is better for you, but I guess it really hit home when I SAW the results for my OWN body. This will keep me going to the gym!!

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