Friday, September 21, 2012

Welcome Sophie!!

There is so much I could catch up on, but all that will come in time (if I keep up my blog...)
Chris and I adopted the most precious little puppy... Meet Sophie :)
We started taking both of them to daycare once a week so they (Sophie) could burn some energy off! I absolutely love this daycare and they were somehow (amazingly) able to get both of them looking at the camera for this adorable picture!  
I really love that picture... it is not only my desktop background, but it is also now on my mouse pad at work :)

Our friends, Danny and Melissa, also adopted a little boy puppy a few weeks before us. His name is Captain, and they are best friends! We love getting the dogs together because we will do anything to get Sophie tired! haha
Getting a second dog was an adjustment for me... not because of the responsibility, but I was also not used to having a large dog and all that comes with it. She is a very messy eater and drinker, it hurts if she steps on your barefoot, and she loved to jump... but she has grown up so much since we have adopted her. She now can last all day without going to the bathroom (I finally get my lunch breaks back!), she has the best personality, she listens SO well, even at a park full of dogs, she gets along great with other people, dogs, kids, you name it! She is such a great addition and we love her to death.
We decided to do a DNA test on her, and we got the following results...
Basically she has a little bit of everything in her. She plays like a boxer, likes water like a lab, has a curly tail like a Basenji, has the ears and statute of a Staffy, and she is a very fast learner... She is a little over 40 lbs right now (8 months old), and we expect her to be around 45 lbs fully grown.
I could write a million posts about her and all our 'tests' that she put us through... but truth be told, she is so great now. even though she is a ball full of energy!

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