Friday, March 9, 2012

My First Half Marathon

I got another crazy idea in my head and thought running a half marathon would be so much fun - so naturally, I call my friend, Emily, because I know she is always on board with my crazy ideas... and true to form, she was just as excited as I was... The Houston Half is a lottery, so you have to apply to run... when I got this email, I thought maybe my crazy idea was a little too crazy... I won't lie, I kinda freaked out... but Emily and I started training!! It was tough for us to train together because of where we live, however we made it work! I am much better with a running partner, and we would chat the whole time so it made the time go by fast....
The night before, Chris started making a sign to cheer me on - of course, the engineer in him came out and he was measuring everything to make it even... The finished product: Here we are on our run!! See how happy we look? I love our matching bright pink shirts with our teal under shirts - how cute are we?!?! Chris and David were great and met us at a couple different points in our run.
My cousin snapped this picture as we were passing her! We had such a great support group from our friends and family - I cannot tell you how much that means and helps during an exhausting run like this! My cousin Philip jumped in and ran a couple miles with us as well. He was also giving the family updates on when to expect us to cross the finish line :)
And here we are after we finished!! We are so proud of those medals!!! We didn't set a time goal, just that we didn't want to walk - and we didn't!! We finished at 2:35, which puts us around an 11:40 pace. We were both very happy about that. YAY! I'm done!! I broke down and bought one of the professional photos from the run - I love it and figured I would want to keep it since it was my very first half... and yes, I am still smiling at the end (surely because I can see that finish line ahead of me!) Afterwards, we all went to El Tiempo for some WONDERFUL Mexican food - and I didn't feel one ounce of guilt :)
Thank you again to everyone who came out to support us! And thanks Em for going along with another crazy idea of mine!! You were a great running partner!!


Emily said...

It was a very fun experience!I am so proud of us! Thanks for being my running partner, too, and thanks to all the family and friends that supported us! Wonder if we will be crazy enough to run it in 2013?????

Leilani G said...

Great job! That looks like so much fun. I am loving all of your updates. Your life right now seems like a fairy tale. Traveling all over the world with a handsome romantic boyfriend. I am so happy for you. You are very blessed. :)