Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Catching Up Part 3

Thanksgiving was hosted at my Mom's house this year - with my little sister and my Mom - my older sister was spending Thanksgiving with her in-laws. After Thanksgiving Lunch, Chris and I boarded a plane to London again!!! We visited Windsor Castle and absolutely loved it! And Windsor was awesome too! I bought a new car!! I am so in love with it! As part of my birthday gift, Chris surprised me with Texans Tickets!!! These were amazing seats! We had such a great time, that we splurged a little and bought season tickets!!! WOOHOO bring on the tailgating!! As usual, my Nana's Christmas Eve Party was a blast! With my two sisters and my Mom. Christmas Morning - My Mom gave me a Harry Potter Snuggie!!!! How cute is that?!?! Don't I look like I am ready to roam the halls at Hogwarts?!?! :)


Ashely Redden said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but that car is a BMW right? Great pick! Glad to hear that you are loving your purchase and you must. BMW make the best cars in the UK. However they could get very expensive. I hope that before you buy the car you have found the true market value of this car. This will let you know that the car is right for you at a great pricing.

Ashely Redden @Infinti of Ann Arbo

Arlyne Nelms said...

Great choice of car! You can never go wrong for a black shiny car. BMW, as a well-known brand for sporty yet luxurious vehicles, is always seen being driven by famous people. I hope that you are getting the best experience that you deserve, just like the celebrities who own a BMW. Have a safe drive!

Arlyne Nelms @Spartan Toyota