Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 9 of 30

Day 9:
A Photo of the Last Item You Purchased

I am in love with my recent purchase.... To celebrate my recent bonus, I convinced my sister to go into the new Coach Store by us... Coach has been my weakness for quite some time now...
Just look at this summer time beauty!
Would you like a Close-Up??

The inside is just as pretty!!!

Then at the check-out, I saw this adorable yet very functional key chain and had to have it as well. See how perfect it is for when you valet your car, or don't want to carry all your keys?? Love!

Whoever said money can't buy happiness obviously has never been shopping with me in a Coach Store - I cannot help but smile and be giddy - and I still smile every time I see it - and the whole time I was writing this post... ahhh, I love Coach :)


Krystyn said...

Oh...that is sooooo super cute!

Stephanie said...

I love my new orange Coach and wallet :) So cute!!

Stephanie said...

Love it! Purple is my favorite color :)
Coach can turn my frown upside down ANY day!! lol

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

AWESOME purchase!