Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 27 of 30

Day 27:

A Picture Of You Last Year and Now and How Have You Changed?

Last year: March 2010 This Year: March 2011:

How have I changed?? I feel like I look pretty much the same... even with me transitioning from my Mid 20's to my Upper 20's (oh my!). My hair might be a little darker and longer, but that would be the only physical thing that has changed.

I feel like I am in a much better place in my life than I was a year ago from now. Everything seems to be working out for me and falling in line. It is kind of scaring me because I typically don't have good luck - at all, and yet I feel like I have been showered with good luck recently. The reason? I truly believe in the power of prayer. I pray a lot more and ask for God's advice and guidance almost on a daily basis. I have also been keeping up with my journal which has proven to be a great outlet for myself. So much can change so quickly, that I wonder what I would be writing about myself in March 2012... only time will tell!!


Stephanie said...

I bet you'll be engaged by then at this rate! Lol ;)

Stephanie said...

OK, we need a girls night! I have alot to catch up on!!
So glad things are going good for you! You deserve it!!

Emily said...

I love this picture! So pretty!

MOM said...

There is power in prayer and look what has happened, you get a man in your life that truely appreciates you and what you stand for, you deserve to be happy and it looks as if he's Making your dreams come true! He has my stamp of approval, well the accent really helps, lol