Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 25 of 30

Day 25:
What's in your Purse.

Luckily, since I just bought a new purse, I don't have as much junk in it... Here's what I see when I look in it...
Here it is all laid out.... So what the heck is in there??
Lysol Spray
Hand Sanitizer
Deodorant - hey, I tan after work!
Sunglasses - I can't go outside without them
Hair Brush
Wallet - Coach of course :)
Planner - would be lost without it!
Keys - on an adorable key chain!
Medicine Bottle with a variety of different pills
Eye Drops (of course)
Lipstick/Lip gloss - I like choices
Powder - for touch-ups
4 packs of gum - Can you tell I like Orbit??
Toothpick - I'm prepared!
Camera - In a Coach case, no doubt
So there you go - the contents in my purse at all times... I know that one was SUPER interesting to all of you! haha


Jenny said...

I'm pretty sure that's a Q-Tip at the bottom of the pic, by your keys. Why did you not mention that one?! It kinda looks like the Dr.'s Q-Tips, are you embarrasseed to admit that you are either A) cleaning out your ears throughout the day or B) a fan of giving yourself throat cultures? That's gross Rachel! :)

Stephanie said...

You have a lot of crap still.