Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 1 of 30

Day One:
A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Today I woke up in a very good mood. Maybe because I had dinner with a couple friends last night, and then met up with a different friend afterwards (and during the work week! gasp!).

The drive coming into work this morning was awful with the fog being so thick!! When I got to work, I had a hilarious series of emails from my friends that made me laugh out loud! Having 2 cups of coffee made my morning :) For lunch, the deli was serving my all-time favorite lunch special - taco salad! Yum!!! This evening I am going home, folding some laundry (so glamorous), painting my nails, and then meeting up with a new friend for drinks.

Work was pretty busy, which is good. I'm excited/anxious/nervous today because I know I have a lot of things happening in the next couple of days. All in all, it's been a pretty normal day... Maybe I should have started the challenge on a different day so you would have something more interesting to read!

Hope you all have a great Thursday!


Stephanie said...

Oh yes, I can think of some other days that would have been quite interesting to talk about on the blog! LOL
Have fun with your new friend ;)
Cant wait to hear about how things are going!!
When is our next HH?!?!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

NEW friend?!? We must IM tomorrow. ha ha. Great start. We can do this. Hope you had a nice evening. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Yippee!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

PS-Pretty picture!

Krystyn said...

Yay for new stuff coming up.

And, taco salad.