Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 20 of 30

Day 20:
The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name.

Clumsy Me, Oddity.

Clumsy Me - I am so incredibly clumsy. I fall, trip, knock over things, etc all the time. I can't even get embarrassed about it anymore because it happens so often. And not just in heels. It happens if I am in tennis shoes, flip flops, or stilettos!

Oddity - This is a name my older sister created to describe me because she said I was odd. She would always call me her Little Oddity, and being that she was the one that got me started on blogging, I thought it was a nice touch.
Stephanie helped me brainstorm ideas on it. We would send emails back and forth until we were both satisfied :) For my birthday present that year, she bought me a personalized header. I knew I wanted a coffee, shopping, and Vito to be included :) I love it!


Stephanie said...

Still love it!!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

It is perfect and fits you so. I need to get mine personalized. What would I get, lord so many things. LOL

You are clumsy but not too odd to me, than again I don't know if that is saying much.