Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wilton Course 1 COMPLETED!!!

Remember when I said I had my last class this week? Here is the FINAL cake I made!! It happened to be my friends birthday, so I put her name on it :)
The roses I am SO proud of!! And I got my certificate!!! YAY ME!!!!!!!
My sister and I are taking off a month in March, and will continue with Course 2 in April - so more cake pics to come then!


Krystyn said...

Those flowers look good!

Stephanie said...

I'm impressed!! Your roses look great!! Good luck on Course #2!!

Stephanie said...

Why can't my flowers look like that? :(

Leilani said...

That's so cool that you took the Wilton class! And your roses look amazing! I learned how to decorate cakes from my mom when I was younger (she did wedding cakes way way back in the day). I never learned how to do roses or any of the flowers like that-I was only 7 or so at the time. I was mostly down with the star tips. What an artist!

Kirsten: said...

I'm extremely impressed with your cake skills!!! Makes me wanna learn cake decorating!!!

Good luck in course 2 =)

Btw, I'm Stephanie's friend just in case you are wondering how I stumbled across your page.

Erin said...

Yeah Yeah Yeah! Way to go!!!

And purple is my favorite color. Makes those roses look even better. :)