Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Wii Bit of Torture

Well, My kind of torture!

I went into Toys 'R' Us for a birthday gift for Zoe, who just turned 2 years old. Harmless, right? What I could I possibly want at Toys 'R' Us??Walking into the store, there is a huge sign on the window that states


Are you serious?!?! Is this some kind of joke or test?? Well, if it was a test, I passed… Aren’t you supposed to be happy when you pass a test? Well, not this time! I had been looking for a Wii for so long… then after thinking about it, I decided now would not be the best time (financially) to purchase one because then you have to purchase games, controllers, controller chargers, etc… so naturally, I would see the sign AFTER I come to this conclusion… way to go Nintendo! If you would have had them readily available around Christmas Time, I would have had one by now!! Anyone want to donate a Wii? Haha


Krystyn said...

Sucks for Nintendo. Guess you'll have to visit Tim and Steph!

Stephanie said...

Clever title.

And good thing I didn't go with you because I would have talked you into buying it. Gotta stimulate this economy! Haha!

Midwest Mommy said...

Honestly, I don't think they are that great. Hyped way too much. Yes, they are fun but it comes and goes in waves. Ours has been sitting pretty for a few months now. That wii fit? Same story, lol!