Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This weekend I pretty much lived at the Box Office... I saw THREE movies in ONE weekend!! geez! So here is what I thought...
Friday the 13th
It was VERY scary, but I didn't like all the 'typical' teenager stuff they threw in there... and I could have gone without all the nudity... There was teenage boobage throughout the movie that was pretty annoying and didn't add anything to the story (ugh, I sound like a mother!) but it was finally a scary movie that was SCARY! And I had to hide my face at parts - so I liked it :)
Confessions of a Shopaholic
First, I LOVE Isla Fisher - and she did SUCH a great job in this movie!! I haven't read the book yet (but its on my list), but I thought this movie was so adorable! It was fun, light-hearted, and funny - just what I was looking for that night! Not to mention the guy in the movie was Oh So Hot!!
This was one of the best movies I have seen in a REALLY long time! I absolutely LOVED it! And would tell everyone to go see it! It was action packed, suspenseful, and kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time!! It had a great story line, and guys and girls would both enjoy this one!


Krystyn said...

Oh to be young and have time for movies....

Erin said...

I love going to the movies! How exciting that you got to see 3 in one weekend!!

Stephanie said...

I refuse to see Friday the 13th b/c I don't believe in seeing scary movies :)

But I loved the other 2 a lot. Fun stuff!

Stephanie said...

Look at you avid movie goer! lol
I dont really have any interest in seeing F the 13th, but I cant wait to see the other 2!

Anonymous said...

I love the shopaholic books and have read the whole series- finally a series ive read before you! But no, i havent seen the movie yet. We did see Taken though and absolutely loved it!!!