Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I just finished reading Twelve Sharp, Plum Lucky (an in-between novel), Lean Mean Thirteen, And Fearless Fourteen, which brought me to the end of the Stephanie Plum Novels. The Series is not over, there will be more novels to come.

It was bitter sweet finishing the series. There were a total of 18 books, and after a while I was ready for some new characters. I started reading the series in September, so I was averaging about 3 1/2 books per month! Crazy! But they are short easy reads.

I was going to read Something Borrowed, however, I did not have it after I finished the last book... So I had a relapse... I started the first Harry Potter Book... I wanted to read the series again before the movie came out, so why not now? The movie comes out this July!!! YAY!


Stephanie said...

I went a little reading hiatus there for a while! (dont hate me CCBC members! lol)
I just started reading Conf. of a Shopaholic though. I got the first 2 Stephanie Plums series for Christmas, but havent started them yet! I got a few new Jodi Picoults too, so I should be busy for a while!!
Only 186 days until HP!!! I remember when it was over a year away!!

Krystyn said...

I can't believe your read al of the SP books; after about 5, I got bored!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

18 Book Series, good lawd! You are quite the book worm. I have about a week on my hands (no work) so if the Vicatin lets me stay awake long enough I will get some good reading in!

Jenny said...

I am back on the reading kick, after finishing the LSAT, and coming to an end on my schooling. I started and finished He's Just Not That Into You on Sunday and am starting COnfessions of a Shopaholic so I can go see both movies soon! Alright CCBC, get ready if you've got room for another member here I am!

Jenny said...
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Cara said...

I'm at book 5 of the Plum series and I'm a bit burned out, but I will read the rest! I get tired of reading the same type of book after a while, but I do enjoy those books. I just read Something Borrowed and Something Blue (did we talk about reading these books together??) and I LOVED both of them! You should definitely read them! Now I'm reading The Shack and I can't wait to finish it. It's one of those books that has you thinking for hours after you stop reading it.

The Shopaholic books were ok. A little too blahhhh and girly for me. I think I could have heard those stories from a friend, so it was funny, but no biggie. I'd like to see the movie though.

I suggest that the CCBC reads a series next! I loved when we were all reading the same book! Jenny is officially invited!! ;)

Stephanie said...

I've still got the SP novels in my closet. Ready to be read. But things keep popping up to read before them. I hear mixed things from people about them too. I've got quite the full plate in front of me.

"I relapsed" - Haha!