Monday, March 31, 2008

Muggle Monday's

Muggles have been enjoying the excitement of Quidditch tournaments and the Quidditch World Cups for years now… but I think muggles may have taken this one a little too far… USA Today reported that the new sport being played around college campuses is Quidditch… yes, I said Quidditch…

The players all have broomsticks between their legs as they play the game and they have the same positions that the books have… here are the rules for ‘Earthbound Quidditch’ (which has been described as a cross between rugby, dodge ball, and soccer)
Brooms are required, leaving only one hand available, making the game harder as you chase the game ball, a slightly deflated volleyball.
Each team has seven players.

Three chasers throw the ball among them as they work down the field. If they get it through one of three circular goals (think hula hoops on poles), the team scores 10 points.

At the same time, two other team members (beaters) fling around dark balls called bludgers in an attempt to distract and knock over opposing players. When a player is hit with a bludger, he must drop any ball he is holding and run back to his goal zone before he can make any more plays.

Seekers try to catch the most elusive ball, the Golden Snitch. In the Rowling books, the Snitch flies about independently. In real life, it hangs in a sock from the shorts of a player selected for fleetness of foot. The Snitch disappears for periods of time, reappearing on the field to shrieks of the crowd. The Snitch player has a much larger boundary than the others, often covering a large part of campus. Seekers can follow him. Catching the Snitch is worth 50 points, and once the Snitch is caught, the game ends.

I'll give them points for creativity... but this is kinda taking it too far... to see the full article, click here - story from USA Today Website


Stephanie said...

Sounds like fun ;) lol That is taking it pretty far! Thanks for my MM wisdom though! ;)

Stephanie said...

I think this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Earthbound?! Ha!