Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

I have recently started working out – after living with Ariana for a while I really had no choice… she comes home ever day after her workout to a roommate that is sitting in front of the TV, in a T-shirt and PJ pants half asleep – basically I was a bum! So now I have a GREAT running partner Talya and thanks to my mom, I joined Bally’s Total Fitness. Woohoo! Go me! I finally am getting on the whole working out bandwagon!

When you join Bally’s, they offer one session with a personal trainer – mine was yesterday. At first I was like ‘oh this is easy, I could easily do a couple more sets of this’ blah blah blah… what am I thinking today? OUCH! Comes to mind!! I think every inch of my body is hating me right now!!!
So my Thursday Thirteen today is:
13 things my trainer made me do yesterday
(or thirteen reasons my body hates me right now!)
Just know I don’t know the ‘formal name’ for most of the stuff I did, so bare with me…

1 – Do a mile on a Pre-core Machine (kinda like an elliptical without the arm movements) and it took me 10 min, which I think is pretty good!
2 – Squats – 2 different kinds and with an 8lb weight
3 – Arm curls with 10lb weights
4 – Leg lifts – 3 different lifts, one set of 15 for each different lift, on each leg – OUCH!
5 – Crunches while throwing a ball between us
6 – Run around the track 2 times – no idea how far this was, but when it is in the middle of your workout, its PRETTY tiring!
7 – Lunges with 5lb weights.
8 – Laying on my back and having her throw my legs down (I had to stop them before they touched the ground)
9 - Lay on the agility ball and lift an 8lb weight over my head (only supposed to move my forearm)
10 – Get on all fours and lift an 8lb weights only moving my forearm again
11 – Bench Press - I dont think I was very good at this...
12 – Sit on the ground with legs bent, swinging from side to side holding an weighted ball (much harder than it sounds!)

The best part: When she asked me if I was Greek or Italian :)
The worst part: watching myself running because there are mirrors all over the track... I would like to think that when I run my legs dont move... hahaha - now I know what I look like at Memorial Park!! hahaha


Stephanie said...

This brought 2 kinds of reactions for me...

The first being LAUGHTER because I can picture you doing all of this.

The second being utter fear b/c I start working with a personal trainer for 5 weeks starting on 4/11. Oh no!!!!!

That sounds like a good workout though - are you going to continue to work with a personal trainer? Sounds like she'd whip you into shape!!

Stephanie said...

Awesome!! Good for you! Sounds like fun (in a strange sort of way!) You will get used to it in no time! Man..we are getting motivated all over our blog buddies pages! Good luck!

Krystyn said...

Sounds like a good trainer. My favs on the list are the throw the ball while doing abs and the one where you throw your legs down towards the floor.

The best thing for a sore body? Go for a workout....even just a nice walk. It will loosen things up more than a hot bath!

Anonymous said...

You are Greek, right?

Anonymous said...

That's so weird....People ask me all the time if I'm Greek or Italian too! :( I look nothing like our family!!