Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Photos of My St. Patty's Day Celebration!

1. Startin' the morning with Mimosas!

2. With Sarah

3. The group (minus Sarah the photographer)

4. The twins

5. Sarah wanted to take a bath...

6. Happy Girls

7. The Girls smiling for the camera! 8. What a lovely background, dont ya think?
9. Kisses!!10. In the streets of Greenville
11. Classic Rachel - I got tired... and we were locked out of the car... so I took a nap!
(I always have been able to fall alseep anywhere!) 12. Don't think that made me stop partying though! Us out later :) Brian looks a tad sunburned... me? Can't even tell I was in the sun! 13. Sarah and Terrell made friends with some Germans

(yes, straight from Germany - they were very much obsessed with Sarah!)

What a fun St. Patty's Day Celebration!!!


Stephanie said...

Cute pics - did you drink any green beer? :)

Rachel said...

Can you believe they didnt have green beer?!?! Or atleast I didnt see any :(

Stephanie said...

No green beer...what kind of St pattys Day celebration is that?!?! lol Looks like you had a blast! Great pics!

Krystyn said...

Looks like fun. Did your work give you the day off?