Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

A lot of people have been asking to see pictures of my new house... well the ones that havent made the trip - which is really only excludes Valerie, Stephanie, and Karys - Thanks guys!! :) So here are some pictures of the house... but really, it is so much nicer in person (hints come over soon!!)
1 - Living Room (what you see when you first walk in), and yes, I was watching the Godfather!

2 - Living Room View 2 (the new pretty rug Ariana bought)

3 - Dining Room - I dont own anything in this room actually...

4 - The other side of the Dining Room (from standing in the kitchen)
5 - Kitchen - and having a dishwasher is SO much better
6 - Kitchen Stove - where you will never find Ariana! haha
7 - My Bathroom
8 - My VERY girly Shower Curtain (I love it!!)
9 - Bathroom Wall Art
10 - My Bedroom (before Ariana and I hung the wall clock)11 - The Wall Clock - I think this is my all time favorite thing I own!
12 - Other side of Bedroom (my wardrobe)
13 - Another view of my bedroom - my little dresser and my mirror (that I hung all by myself!!!!)

I think anyone that saw my old apartment knows this is quite a step up... haha actually you cant compare the two - and guess what? this house comes free of termites!!! now that you saw pictures, I hope you come by soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks nice baby. That bedroom furniture looks amazing! :)

Stephanie said...

What?! No Harry Potter?!? I'm so confused.... Haha!

I really like the new apt. It's much improved. Though you didn't really live at the other one ;)

Stephanie said...

So cute and cozy!!! It looks really nice! I dont know what to compare it to, but I'm taking the other place wasnt all that! ;)

Krystyn said...

Looks nice to me...unfortunately, I don't think I'll be visiting your place any time soon, so the pictures will have to do!

MOM said...

Hey baby the house looks great!!!, looks so warm, great job...can't wait to visit and see it in person.

sylvia coufal said...

rachel, I'am glad you sent me pictures, It looks really nice, I'am impressed. I'am ready to come over for dinner so just let me know when..ha
love, aunt sylvia