Monday, February 25, 2008

Muggle Monday's

Some muggles may say I have a bit of an Obsession with Harry Potter… Thanks to I know I'm not alone... in an article MTV posted – it is said that the Harry Potter Series can be addictive!!! (read below)

Survey finds that 10 percent of participants showed signs of addiction, withdrawal after finishing 'Deathly Hallows. In a just-finished study that's being submitted to the Journal of General Psychology, psych professor Dr. Jeffrey Rudski and two of his undergrad students at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, report that they found characteristics of addiction in at least 10 percent of the 4,000 Potter fans they polled online.
Harry Potter Theme Park! (the official picture of an owls view)Harry Potter Theme Park is underway!! J.K. Rowling granted the rights – so the construction begins! How exciting is this?!?! From what I can tell, they are creating the grounds to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – Including the full castle and Hagrid’s Hut and the nearby wizarding town Hogsmead!! They are building a rollercoaster called the Flying Hippogriff, but I personally think it would be cool if you took a Hogwarts Express to reach it, or at least have a rollercoaster named Hogwarts Express!! Maybe a Flying Car Rollercoaster?!?! I think I should be on the design team! (click here for link)
A Snowy Day in Hogsmead (I see a Hogwarts Express!!!! - bottom rt corner)
The Howler! (Chamber of Secrets) Luna is my all time favorite character in Harry Potter. I found this interview with her - I couldnt help but laugh because she really is so much like Luna in the real life! kinda out there... its hilarious! She is truly Loony... I dont think there could have been a better person to play her part. Her interview is great... :) ENJOY!! note - she is wearing her radish earings in the pic :)

As MuggleNet reported: David Barron has revealed to the Herald Sun that a new scene has been added in the upcoming Half-Blood Prince film in order to remind moviegoers that nowhere is safe. Having JK Rowling's approval of the scene, Barron is confident that people will like it: This was brought in because Rowling was able to keep dropping little hints of what was happening in the outside world, so the sceen is showing that the Muggle world is also experiencing these disasters, but thinks they are disasters, rather than the work of Voldemort. The extra scene comes in the middle of the film and it just reminds us the world is no longer a safe place, even at the Burrow, nobody's safe. Thanks MuggleNet!


Anonymous said...

I think you fall within that 10% for sure.

Stephanie said...

I loved that interview with Luna. Haha!

I've been watching the HP world coming together by Disney since last summer. I'm very excited. I told Tim back then we had to go!