Monday, February 25, 2008

The Rabbit goes 'Ribbit!'

So there is always this on-going contest between me and my older sister Stephanie… she seems to think I am the more ‘ditzy’ one, and I her… so I thought I would share a funny story of something that happened about 1-2 months ago… I laugh every time I think about this story…

(Setting: Karys’ nursery)

Tim: (picking up a stuffed Rabbit) Karys, What sound does a Rabbit make?

Stephanie: (with great enthusiasm) RIBBIT!!!


Stephanie: What?

Lets all pray that Karys gets her Daddy's Brains :) hahahaha I love you Steph!!


Krystyn said...

That's pretty funny...but Rach, until you have a kid, you never really know what silly things you might accidentally say!

Stephanie said...

Now that is hilarious! Why dont yall just agree to "share" the title! lol Thanks for sharing that story..I'm sure Steph will just love it! ;)

Tim & Steph said...

I seem to remember it a bit differently... :)