Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Book Club

I read my first Jodi Picoult novel… My Sister’s Keeper… this is the first book that I read all the way through since my Harry Potter Series. It grabbed me from the beginning and I finished it in less than a week! But let me tell you (without giving too much away) this book turned me into a blubbering idiot! I was crying so hard when I finished this book! I was happy my roommate wasn’t there – she probably would have thought I was crazy! My sister told me (after I started it) that she was crying so hard she woke her husband up reading it! But it is an amazing story and I recommend it to anyone! I am actually starting another Jodi Picoult novel – 19 Minutes, I will let you know if that one is as good as the first one I read. Hey – you know it was good since it’s the only book that could get me out of my Harry Potter Loyalty :)
PS - I heard they are making a movie based on this novel starring Julia Roberts!!!


Stephanie said...

You know you can still be "loyal" to Harry Potter and read other books right?

This was a good book. But I regret not reading the end first to prepare myself. Never. Again.

My "loyalty" now lies with my Edward....

Krystyn said...

The end was definitely tough. I didn't cry...I was ticked off!

I had to take a break, but I might try another one later.

Stephanie said...

WOW...that book had me a blubbering mess too! I made the mistake of reading all her good ones first (this one, 19 minutes (very good), Vanishing Acts, and The Pact) and now I am expecting that from every book of hers that I read! I'm reading Salen Falls by her now.

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Cara said...

Hey Rachel!

I found your blog through Krystyn's, so I had to say hi! Not sure if you remember me or not, but we were on drill team together a million years ago.

Anyway, I LOVED "My Sister's Keeper"! It definitely had me blubbering, but not NEARLY as much as "Marley and Me" did. Have you read that one? It's a must read for any dog lovers!