Monday, August 18, 2008

Muggle Monday's

This is NOT a very happy Muggle Monday... in fact, this Muggle is infuriated with the recent news that I am sure you have all heard… the release of the VERY anticipated Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has been postponed by EIGHT months!!!!!!!! It was originally set to be released NOVEMBER 2008, and now won’t be released until JULY 2009!!!!!!!! I am livid… ugh! How could they do this to Muggle’s World-Round!!! My sister woke me up with this devastating news at 5:31 am Friday morning… you can imagine how that set the tone for the tone for my day!!

So enough dwelling (for now) on to some updates for you guys…

Here are some new photos Muggle Net posted for the new movie (I guess since they pushed back the movie they wanted to at least give us something to look at!)

Bellatrix at the Burrow
I'm guessing this is in the beginning (making the unbreakable vow) Entertainment Weekly (who shares a parent company with WB) has put the Star of HP on the cover for their Magazine this week – apparently even though the movie producers and the magazine share the same parent company, they do not share information such as moving the movie back – since they cover is about FALL movies coming out… UGH! (ok, so I guess I’m not done venting…)

The Cover...
Part of the Article I read the article this weekend, and it was REALLY good - so I would recommend picking it up :)

August 11th marked Ginny Weasley's Birthday

PS – if you noticed – my countdown has switched… I WAS going to write about how we were finally in the 2 digits for the release… but now we are up in the 300’s!!! UGH!


Stephanie said...

I just read about it this morning, and then saw your blog. Vent all you want girl!!

Anonymous said...

For the record... If I was 20 yrs younger (ok maybe 15) I'd totally be into Ginny...