Friday, July 11, 2008

Exciting News!!

Do you remember the TT post I made about something happening for me that I have wanted for YEARS and how I would hope something great would happen for one of my friends?? Well they BOTH came true!! And now I can tell you about them!!!
The exciting that that happend for me
I have wanted to work at my sister, Stephanie's, company for YEARS now... only they could never get it approved for sisters to work together... well about 2 weeks after I started at my new company, Stephanie emailed me telling me it was approved and wondered if I was still interested... without second guessing I quickly updated my resume and sent it to her. The following week I had an interview, and the week after that I had my offer! Today I just finished my first week at the company I have been wanting to work at for years and I couldn't be happier about it! This is also why I didnt get to enjoy my beautiful office for very long and why I had a Farewell Lunch from my company... guess I should have blogged about it a little earlier!
A long time ago I posted a WW about how all my friends left me... well now three of the four are all reunited!!! Val moved to Austin, but I now get to work with Ariana and Brooke as well as my sister! That is just an added bonus!! I am so excited about this job!
The Exciting thing that happened for Jennifer!
On the same TT post I talked about something happening for one of my friends - It was Jennifer. She recently interviewed and got an offer with a great company and she is super excited! I know she will like it because it was the company that I just recently left! I am sad that we wont get a chance to work together again... but I am happy for her that she has a job so close to home and away from the terrible company she is at right now!!
Great things come to those who wait!!
PS - I finally feel like I am back in the interactive world of blogging! I was blocked at my old job, but now I can sign in and comment on all my friends blogs again- Thank goodness!!! So sorry to all my blogging friends that I have not been able to comment on - I've been keeping up with them, but I just wasnt able to comment :(


Stephanie said...

OH how EXCITING! COngrats on the new job (I was getting confused with the last post..farewells, office for a week!) Welcome back to blog world too...that had to be hard ;) Hope you have a fabulous weekend! I'm sure Steph is super happy too!!

Stephanie said...

Yay! You survived the first week. And hopefully I won't leave right after you start like last time ;)

Krystyn said...

Congrats on the new job! I hope it continues to go well. And yay for being able to blog again!!