Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boot Camp Update

Am I crazy?? My THIRD Boot Camp starts today! I am kinda worried because it was rained out all last week! So I am a week out of shape... which is my own fault because I didnt drag my lazy butt to the gym at all... but this boot camp I am going to try to add in a day of cardio a week - I have said this now for a while and it has yet to happen... so we will see if I actually do it or not. Really I have good reason - I have something to do everyday after work so its more of lack of time rather than lack of motivation!! but I will see if I can be a little better time management this boot camp - third time is a charm! wish me luck!!!


Stephanie said...

Best of luck this time!! I'm guilty of having great workout ideas in my head, but never going through with them!!
Have fun!!

Stephanie said...

Just signing up for it is motivation and determination. I plan on going back to the gym once my cold clears up :(

Krystyn said...

Good luck! I'm sure it will go well!

Can you come and motivate me, too?

Stephanie said...

I saw the HP trailer!!! Just thought I would share in the excitement w/ you! AOL had a countdown to the release, and I thought..pshhh...Rachel has been counting down for months already!! lol