Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 things we did in NY!

1. Times Square - where our hotel was at - it looks just like it does on TV!

2. We walked around and ate in Little Italy! (sign says Merry Christmas, Welcome to Little Italy)
3. Went to FAO Schwarz - This is the store Brian really wanted to go to, but I think I enjoyed it just as much, if not more than he did! I LOVED this place! They even had a WHOLE section dedicated to Harry Potter!!!
and hung out with the cast from Harry Potter (actually they were made out of Legos!!!)
4. Central Park - I unfortunatly did not get to go ice skating in Central Park because SOMEONE (no names) didn't want to go :( but it was still cool to walk around here- its HUGE! We had a NY Hotdog in Central Park!
5. Serendipity!!! Frooooooozen Hot Chocolate - it was SO good!!!
and Brian pouted because I ate the last bite! (or bites - but who's counting??)

6. With Conan Tickets! and to my surprise, I LOVED Conan and was not at all impressed with Daved Letterman... Conan was so much more relaxed and just all around funny! We had a blast at his show! 7. Top of the Empire State Building! It was an amazing view... however, I would not recommend the Skyride unless you are bringing a small child because it was so cheesy and kinda a waste of time and money... but the top of the building was really neat- and VERY cold! but we got up early so we beat the long lines!!
The Chrysler Building from the Empire State Building

8. Rockefeller Center! Also pretty cool to walk around here - the building straight behind me is where the Conan Show was taped! I am standing right in front of the Ice Skating Rink... which I didnt get to go one (cough, cough)
9. Ground Zero - It was basically a huge construction site - there is a church nearby that we went to - it was more of a memorial set up. They are building the Freedom Tower where the Twin Towers used to stand, it is supposed to be taller than the Emipre State Building!
10. Century 21 - Heaven on Earth :) best place to shop!!! kinda overwhelming too! 11. Celebrated my cousin's Birthday12. Saw Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theater!!!!! This was SUCH an amazing show! Brian really liked it too - I think he was surprised! He def liked this better than the ballet!!! 13. Tiffany & Co.!!!! We walked by a ton of shops, but I had to take a pic at Tiffany's! Even in the rain!!


Krystyn said...

WOW! You guys did a TON of stuff! Looks like you had a blast. Maybe we'll have to schedule a trip!

Stephanie said...

Finally you posted pictures :)

Can't wait to go! I need to get those boots from you before you move...

Erin said...

Great pictures!! It's so weird looking at these, because I have pretty much all the same pictures from when I went. Looks like you guys had a blast!